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THE BEST chicken pot pie I have ever made or eaten EVER!!

  Y'all! This is quite literally the best chicken pot pie I have ever made or eaten and I do NOT say this lightly. I love chicken pot pie! This one is it! It is tried and true and cravable in every way! Please make this and return and report. I KNOW you will love it too. Also, this should be an oman to you as how close I think we are...this is one of those recipes when someone says can I get the recipe and you say YES! and then never ever give it to them. You know that recipe? Your secret, show them all your skills recipe, that you keep close to you heart and only give ti to you very very bestest friend and she also hoards it out if its goodness and respect for you??? This is IT! MAKE IT! GO NOW and Make IT!

Our Real Menu For Our Real Family Sept 8-22, 2022

Hi! Thanks for being here! This is my families menu for the next few days. It is what we will really be eating or atleast plan to eat from here. For those who read my blog and our last menu, we had a lot of unexpected fun things come up which in turn lead to some delightful eating out etc, so you will see a few repeats on this menu simply because we didnt get around to making a lot of what I had planned which is A-OK with me. Please feel free to ask for any recipes or if you have any questions and if you are so inclined leave me a little message for me so I know youve been by!  Have a great weekend and enjoy your kitchen!  Thursday 8 lunch-leftovers dinner-Spinach Artichoke chicken cauliflower bake, layered green salad, sugar free jello Friday 9 lunch-hoagie sandwiches and chips dinner-Easy kid dinner Date Night for mom and Dad Saturday 10 lunch-hot dogs and soup dinner-chicken and jalapeno popper casserole, corn bread and green beans Sunday 11 lunch-fish sticks and macaroni and cheese

Our Real Menu For Our Real Family Oct 6th-20th 2022

  Hi There! Here is our actual menu that my family is really eating. Aside from unplanned changes which will be why you see several left from the last two weeks. If you have questions or would like to see any recipes please feel free to reach out in the comments!  Have a great weekend and Enjoy your kitchen!  Thursday 6 th lunch-leftovers dinner-Parmesan Crusted Tilapia, mac and cheese, and broccoli Friday 7 lunch-grilled cheese sandwiches, chips dinner-Tikka Marsala Easy Kid Dinner Saturday 8 lunch-BLTs and chips dinner-OUT FOR MATTS BDAY Sunday 9 lunch-soup and toast dinner-fork me chicken, stuffing and veggies, snickerdoodles Monday 10 lunch-burritos and chips and salsa dinner-chicken pot pie and fruit Tuesday 11 lunch-salad dinner-chicken bacon alfredo pizza and salad Wednesday 12 lunch-leftovers dinner-roasted corn and lime tortilla soup and bread sticks Thursday 13 lunch-tuna dip and crackers dinner-popcorn shrimp, creamy rice and veggies

Our Family Menu Jan 2024

Hey There!  Here's our menu for the next little bit.  ENJOY!!  BRUNCH Cinnamon Roll Pigs in a Blanket and fruit Breakfast pizza(casserole) and fruit LUNCH OUT Leftovers Hoagie sandwiches and chips Fried eggs sandwiches and fruit PB and J and bananas Grilled cheese and tomato soup Frito pie Tuna dip and crackers Frozen Bagels with cream cheese and ham Egg salad and chips DINNER OUT FOR BDAY Classic Tator Tot Casserole and Salad Slow Cooker Whole Chicken, stuffing and Veggies Hamburger vegetable soup with cheese and hot rolls * Chicken pot Pie and glazed carrots Lasagna and Fauxcoccia No Peek Pork Tips over mashed potatoes and veggies Smoky potato and chicken casserole, and veggies Crock pot pepper gravy over mashed potatoes and veggies Chili and Cheesy Cornbread Sausage and cheese toast with Chutney and veggies *Chicken crescent rolls with stuffing and veggies EASY KID DINNERS Chicken bacon ranch pizza Pot stickers with Cup O Noodles DESSERTS Pig Candy Dots pretzel copy cat PB B

Our Real Families Real Menu September 22-Oct 6, 2022

Hello there! This is our real families real menu for the next few days! If  you would like to have any recipes please feel free to reach out in the comments. Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your kitchen! Thursday 22 lunch-leftovers dinner-KFC mash bowls copycat Friday 23 Lunch-hoagie sandwiches and chips dinner-Easy kid dinner date night mom and dad Sat 24 lunch-from the freezer dinner-Fish sticks, mac and cheese and baby carrots Sunday 25 lunch-BLTs and chips dinner-homemade spaghetti sauce w angel hair, green salad and garlic bread, snickerdoodles Monday 26 lunch-leftovers dinner-Chinese Chicken chopped Salad Tuesday 27 lunch-bagels and cream cheese w ham dinner-bacon cheeseburger pasta, veggies  Wednesday 28 lunch-chicken salad sandwiches and baby carrots dinner-Parmesan crusted tilapia, mac and cheese and broccoli Thursday 29 lunch-egg salad sandwiches and chips dinner-chicken pot pie and fruit Friday 30 lunch-PB and J and chips dinner-Easy kid dinner date night for mom and dad Sat

Our Real Menu for Our Real Family Aug 25-Sept 8 2022

 Hello! This is our menu for the next little bit. If you like to see any recipes please let me know in the comments! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your kitchen! Thursday 25 lunch-hot dogs, chips and baby carrots dinner-Italian meatball zoodle soup and bread sticks Friday 26 lunch-grilled cheese sandwiches and peaches dinner-Easy for kids date night for mom and dad Saturday 27 lunch-Bagels and cream cheese w ham and fruit dinner-Homemade English McMuffins, skillet potatoes and fruit Sunday 28 lunch-simple nachos dinner-chicken jalapeno popper casserole, corn bread, veggies and cherry pie bars Monday 29 lunch-tuna dip and crackers dinner-chicken bacon and avocado salad Tuesday 30 lunch-hot dogs and chips and cucumbers dinner-white chicken chili and bread sticks Wednesday 31 lunch-leftovers dinner-jailhouse rice, veggies and s'mores cookies Thursday 1 lunch-loaded baked potatoes dinner-chicken cordon bleu pasta bake and veggies Friday 2 lu

Our Actual Menu March 2024

Hello friend! This is our coming up menu. I am excited for St Patricks Day and Pie Night! Do you celebrate either? What does your family do? Have a great weekend and ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN! ! DINNER Simple BBQ ribs, strawberry cheesecake salad and loaded faux potato salad Smothered chicken, Lipton potatoes and steamed broccoli French toast, bacon and eggs  Nanas Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and veggies Leftovers Italian nachos Pizza with pizza salad Sour cream enchiladas and salad Corned beef, stir fried cabbage and roasted lil potatoes and glazed carrots Chicken pot pie and fruit Ugly rice , veggies and butter brickle Sheet pan quesadillas with chips and salsa EASY KID DINNERS Hearty Bean Dip and Chips Loaded Fries with Chicken DESSERTS Orange Julius Texas trash pie Butter brickle Cherry pie bubble up Lucky charm bars

My Menu!

Saturday 3 rd Breakfast-malto meal Lunch-noodles Dinner-hamburger patties mashed potatoes and veggies Sunday 4 th Breakfast-cereal Lunch-soup and toast Dinner-pot roast and green salad Monday 5 th Breakfast-broiled cheese toast and peaches Lunch-PB and J and apples Dinner-Broiled shrimp buns, chips and salsa, Peanut butter cup cookies Tuesday 6 th Breakfast-cereal and bananas Lunch-tuna dip and oranges Dinner-Chicken pot pie Wednesday 7 th Breakfast-French toast Lunch-cheesy chips Dinner-Chicken oriental salad Thursday 8 th Breakfast-cereal Lunch-hoagie sandwiches and baby carrots Dinner-Dinner and Craft night at the school!!! Friday 9 th Breakfast-puff pancake Lunch-PB and honey sandwiches and stuffed celery Dinner-burritos Date night for mom and dad Saturday 10 th Breakfast-eggs and toast Lunch-enchilada casserole Dinner-PARTY WITH THE HILLS Sunday 11 th Breakfast-waffle iron cinnamon rolls Lunch-tuna casserole Dinner-oven baked chicken, broccoli casserole     Monday 12 th Br

Our Families Actual Menu Oct 2023

  Hey There! Thanks for visiting me today! Here is our families menu for the next little while. This one might take us further than usual with Thanksgiving leftovers coming into play, so don't worry if it seems like its been a little longer than usual before I publish a menu again. Cool? I am so excited for the Holidays to be here and would love to hear what you are bringing to Thanksgiving this year! Let me know in the comments! Have a great Thanksgiving and  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN! LUNCHES Mac and cheese cups Cheesy chips Frozen pizzas Bagels and cream cheese w ham Chicken salad sandwiches and chips Leftovers Grilled cheese sandwiches and chips OUT PB and J and chips Frito pie Tuna dip and crackers soup and crackers chicken nuggets and fries DINNERS OUT Smoked Sausage and boursin cheese pasta with Brazilian cheese bread Melt in your mouth pot roast Cheater chicken pot pie casserole and salad THANKSGIVING Navajo tacos Hearty turkey noodle soup and hot rolls 4

Our Real Menu for our Real Family March 2024

Hey all! I present to you our next menu. If you are curious about any of these recipes feel free to reach out . Have a great weekend and ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN! ! BRUNCH Egg Gravy and Bacon LUNCHES BLTs and Chips Bangers and Mash Freezer finds  tuna rice bowl smoked trout dip and crackers DINNERS  Sheet pan quesadillas with chips and salsa Poor Mans Lobster, mac and cheese and veggies Nanas Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and veggies Leftovers Smoked Chicken Bombs, Pizza Salad Rosemary ranch chicken, lentil soup, olives, oranges, hummus, pita chips, sparkling cider, roasted potatoes, dried fruit Fried Chicken, Apple Dumplings Ham, funeral potatoes, deconstructed green bean bundles, pineapple casserole, deviled eggs and orange rolls  Split Pea Soup and crackers Vietnamese Spring Rolls, fried rice and edamame Pasta Fagioli and butter swim bread sticks DESSERTS Texas sheet cake Apple Dapple Cake Apple Dumplings Peanut Butter Crunch Lasagna EASY KID DINNERS Pizza Rolls Chicken pot Pie and fruit Loa

Our True Menu-What we are actually eating April 2024

Hey There! This is our next menu. We have my birthday to celebrate this time which will explain the extra desserts. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN!   BRUNCH Cinnamon Rolls and Bacon DINNERS OUT BIG FHE-We bring- Sour Cream Enchiladas , shindig dip , smoked trout dip w chips/crackers and Drumsticks Split pea soup and crackers Leftovers Baked Potato Soup and Garlic Bread Chicken Pot Pie and Fruit Calzones and salad Pasta Fagioli and butter swim Bread Sticks Copycat Stouffers Chicken and rice, frozen veggies All Day Stew and Hot Rolls Easy Kid Dinners Pizza Rolls Loaded Fries Freezer Finds Conference Snacks Stax, drinks, Caramel puff corn, Jerky, Puff Cheetos, Shrimp chips  Desserts Blondies Have More Fun Bars Ice Cream Crock Pot Candy Pumpkin Roll Texas sheet cake cookies

Menu April 21 to May 5

  Hello Friends! This is our real family menu for the next 2 weeks. I hope you find some inspiration that sparks ideas for you  to serve your family. If there are any recipes you are interested in comment below and i will do my best to post them. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your kitchen! Thursday 21 lunch-egg salad sandwiches and chips dinner-split pea soup and garlic bread Friday 22 lunch-hot dogs with sliced tomatoes and chips dinner-easy kid dinner-bagel bites Saturday 23 lunch-sandwiches and chips dinner-Dino nuggets, mac and cheese and fruit Sunday 24 lunch-soup and toast dinner-chicken pot pie pasta, watermelon and eclair cake Monday 25 lunch-tuna dip with crackers and fruit dinner-The best salad Ive ever eaten Tuesday 26 lunch-leftovers dinner-oven fried chicken, baked potatoes and glazed carrots Wednesday 27 lunch-chicken salad sandwiches, baby carrots and bananas dinner-SURPRISE! Thursday 28 lunch-PB and J sandwiches and chips dinner

My menu

Sunday 18 Breakfast-puff pancake and oranges Lunch-Cinnamon toast and fruit Dinner-Greek Cabbage casserole and glazed carrots Monday 19 Breakfast-PB and J toast Lunch-tuna sandwiches and grapes Dinner-crepes and bacon and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies Tuesday 20 Breakfast-cereal and raisins Lunch-bagels and cream cheese and bananas Dinner-quick chicken and rice casserole, veggies and ice cream Wednesday 21 Breakfast-OJ and toast Lunch-Super hammy sammys and chips Dinner-lasagna and garlic bread with salad Thursday 22 THANKSGIVING!! Breakfast-pumpkin pie (while we watch the parade) Lunch-we bring sweet potatoes, rolls and caramel pecan pie Dinner-cup of noodles or ramen if someone is actually hungry Friday  23 Breakfast-cereal Lunch-PB and J and fruit Dinner-Burritos for the kids and Date night for mom and dad Saturday 24 Breakfast-muffins and OJ Lunch-Thanksgiving at my Moms we bring Brined turkey, smoked turkey and a

Cheater Chicken Pot Pie-A Quick and Easy Dinner Hack

 Hello!  This recipe is so easy and so tasty! If you need a quick easy way to get dinner on the table here you go! I think you could probably use any soup you like, especially if it a more chunky style. Its hardly a recipe really but I hope you'll love it! You just add precooked chicken and chopped precooked bacon to your soup and add a  crescent  roll crust. Easy Peasy! Dinner is ready! 

My Menu

Saturday 20th Lunch=BLT’s and chips Dinner-corn dogs and fries PIE NIGHT!!! Sunday 21st Breakfast-pancakes Lunch-Roasted Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, hot rolls, stuffing, Dinner-pie Monday 22nd Breakfast-toast w PB and J Lunch-tuna dip w crackers Dinner-leftovers Tuesday 23rd Breakfast-cereal Lunch-soup Dinner-poppy seed chicken, green beans Wednesday 24th Breakfast-malto meal Lunch-bagels and cream cheese Dinner-Crock pot honey glazed ham baked potatoes veggies Thursday 25 Breakfast-PUMPKIN PIE Lunch-Thanksgiving at Aunt Marnee’s!!! We bring stuffing green bean casserole and a pie Carmel Pecan Pie Dinner-ARE YOU KIDDING? Leftovers Friday 26th Breakfast-cereal Lunch-PB and J and fruit Dinner-frito pie KIDS Dinner MOM and DAD have date night

Our Families Actual Menu Nov 2023

Hey there! How are you? Thanks for stopping by! Here is our menu for the next little while. We had a really great Halloween and are looking forward to a beautiful Thanksgiving coming up soon! What are your Thanksgiving plans? Comment below!  Have a great weekend and  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN!!  Loves! LUNCHES Mac and cheese cups Mandarin oranges and cottage cheese Cheesy chips Frozen pizzas Crab and cocktail sauce with crackers Bagels and cream cheese w ham Chicken salad sandwiches and chips Grilled cheese sandwiches and soup PB and J and chips Freezer finds Frito pie Tuna dip and crackers Leftovers Chicken nuggets and fries Soup and crackers DINNERS Wonton soup w wonton strips and poor mans cheese-bread OUT FHE SOUP BAR we bring zuppa toscana Leftovers Buffalo chicken tater tot casserole and a side salad SlowCooker Trader Joes Yellow Curry Chicken over coconut rice Smoked sausage and boursin cheese pasta and brazilian cheese bread Melt in you mouth crock pot ro

Our Real Menu for Our Real Family May 19-June 1

 Its that time again! This is our real families real menu. Let me know if there are any recipes your interested in or if you have any questions.  Have a great weekend and enjoy your kitchen! Thursday May 19 lunch-bagels and cream cheese w ham dinner-Chicken Swiss Casserole, southern style canned green beans Friday 20 lunch-sandwiches and chips dinner-dino nuggets and fries (kids) Saturday 21 lunch-tuna dip with crackers dinner-greek cabbage casserole and glazed carrots Sunday 22 lunch-chicken salad sandwiches w chips and bananas dinner-bacon cheeseburgers, ranch potato salad and crinkle cake Monday 23 lunch-PB and J and apples dinner-BBQ chicken salad Tuesday 24 lunch-grilled cheese sandwiches w tomato soup and apples dinner-crock pot potato soup, hot rolls and pickle cream cheese ham roll-ups Wednesday 25 lunch-tuna sandwiches and chips w oranges dinner-hamburger casserole w chip and cheese Thursday 26 lunch-cheese chips and salsa dinner-turkey club sandwiches, pickle spears

My Families Real Menu April and May 2024

Hey Friend! Thanks for stopping by! Here is our next menu coming up. It includes our Mothers Day Dessert Social Refreshments and our May the 4th foods. Happy May the 4th and Mothers Day to all the amazing ladies out there!  Have a great weekend and ENJOY your kitchen! DINNERS Hamburger Gravy with homemade Mashed Potatoes and Veggies Low carb Zuppa Storm Truppa Soup, Tatooine toast, Yoda soda  BIG FHE-we bring homemade refried beans, Dads Guacamole, Shredded cheese and nacho cheese Shepherd’s Pie and veggies leftovers Meatball subs, Overnight Pasta Salad, chips Chicken enchilada soup in a crock pot, tortilla chips and cheese Nana's Carbonara and veggies Little Porky, veggies Red Enchilada Bake and toppings with Chips, cheese and salsa Fork Me Chicken, Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes, deconstructed green bean bundles  Chicken Burrito Bowls EASY DINNERS Pizza Rolls Loaded French fries Freezer finds DESSERTS Texas sheet cake cookies GG’s Cheesecake No Bake Cookies Wookie Cookies MOTHERS DA