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Our Real Menu for Our Real Family July 2023

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! This is our menu for the next little bit, we have a birthday and a holiday on this plan so it should be fun! Have a great weekend and  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN! PS if you are looking for any of these recipes please feel free to comment and I can get them to you.    LUNCHES Taco meat and cottage cheese with chips Freezer finds hoagies and chips peanut butter and bacon sandwiches and chips soup ramen or ravioli fried egg sandwiches and chips chicken salad sandwich and chips bagels and cream cheese with lunch meat PB and J and chips or apples simple nachos\ OUT (pioneer day) DINNERS Orange chicken and fried rice and veggies KOKOS B-day we bring chips and strawberry wonton salad Honey lime chicken enchilada bake, guac, sour cream and chips and salsa Crack Chicken perogi casserole and canteloupe Chili cheese corn dogs with french fries and corn on the cob Cowboy stew with easy stuffed cheesy bread,  OUT (pioneer day) Garbage bread, french fries veggies Sausage P

Our Real Families Menu Dec 15-29th 2022

 Hey there! This is our most recent menu. It is longer than usual just so we can avoid the stores as much as possible until Christmas is over. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these recipes or have questions in the comments. Have a Merry Christmas!  Thursday 15 lunch-tuna dip and oranges dinner-Frito pie Friday 16 lunch-peanut butter and honey sandwiches and chips dinner-tikka marsala easy for kids Saturday 17 lunch-chicken taquitos with chips and guac dinner-Family Christmas party we bring pineapple cheese casserole and cherry cheesecake candy canes Sunday 18 lunch-crab salad sandwiches on french bread  dinner-spaghetti Alfredo bake, maple bacon Brussels sprouts, garlic bread Monday 19 lunch-leftovers dinner-peppered turkey and cranberry sandwiches, chips and baby carrots Tuesday 20 lunch-leftovers dinner-chicken oriental salad and toast Wednesday 21 lunch-cream cheese and ham bagels  dinner-Bethlehem dinner  Thursday 22 lunch-leftovers dinner-clam chowder and hot ro

Our Real Menu for Our Real Family Nov 17-28 2022

  Hey Friend! Here is our new menu! Feel free to reach out if you have any interest in the recipes or have any questions in the comment section below. I am really excited for Thanksgiving this year! All of our kids will be here and that makes my heart happy! What are your Thanksgiving plans? Have a great weekend and enjoy your kitchen! Thursday 17 lunch-fruit and cottage cheese and cinnamon toast dinner-sesame chicken, fried rice and stir fry veggies Friday 18 lunch-tuna dip and crackers dinner-enchilada rice for the kids Saturday 19 lunch-chicken salad sandwiches and stuffed celery dinner-frozen pizza Sunday 20 lunch-hot dogs and chips dinner-bacon blue burgers, waffle fries, olive garden salad and pumpkin sheet cake Monday 21 lunch-freezer find dinner-baked tilipia, skillet potatoes and three bean salad Tuesday 22 lunch-frito pie dinner-Korean beef zuchinni zoodles and butter swim bread sticks Wednesday 23 lunch-leftovers dinner-OUT Thursday 24 THAN

Our Real Menu For Our Real Family Nov 11-20th 2022

  Hello!  This is our menu for the next few days for your viewing pleasure. I hope it might spark some great ideas for your own family. Please feel free to ask about recipes in the comments of anything your are interested in. Have a great weekend and enjoy your kitchen!  Friday 11 lunch-leftovers dinner-enchilada rice for the kids, date for mom and dad Saturday 12 lunch-soup and toast dinner-Original Mac and cheese and broccoli craisin salad Sunday 13 lunch-tuna dip and crackers dinner-tater tot enchilada bake, chips and salsa and caramel puff corn Monday 14 lunch-chicken salad sandwiches and stuffed celery dinner-sesame chicken, fried rice w stir fry veggies Tuesday 15 lunch-hot dogs and chips and bananas dinner-baked tilapia,skillet potatoes, and three bean salad Wednesday 16 lunch-freezer find dinner-Korean Beef zucchini zoodles and butter swim bread sticks Thursday 17 lunch-Frito pie dinner-Greek Cabbage Casserole and hot bread Friday 18 lunch-leftovers dinner-frozen pizza f

Our Real Families Real Menu September 22-Oct 6, 2022

Hello there! This is our real families real menu for the next few days! If  you would like to have any recipes please feel free to reach out in the comments. Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your kitchen! Thursday 22 lunch-leftovers dinner-KFC mash bowls copycat Friday 23 Lunch-hoagie sandwiches and chips dinner-Easy kid dinner date night mom and dad Sat 24 lunch-from the freezer dinner-Fish sticks, mac and cheese and baby carrots Sunday 25 lunch-BLTs and chips dinner-homemade spaghetti sauce w angel hair, green salad and garlic bread, snickerdoodles Monday 26 lunch-leftovers dinner-Chinese Chicken chopped Salad Tuesday 27 lunch-bagels and cream cheese w ham dinner-bacon cheeseburger pasta, veggies  Wednesday 28 lunch-chicken salad sandwiches and baby carrots dinner-Parmesan crusted tilapia, mac and cheese and broccoli Thursday 29 lunch-egg salad sandwiches and chips dinner-chicken pot pie and fruit Friday 30 lunch-PB and J and chips dinner-Easy kid dinner date night for mom and dad Sat

Our Real Menu for Our Real Family July 28-Aug 11 2022

  Hey Friend! Thanks for stopping by! This is our real menu for our real family. It is actually exactly what we will be eating for the next few days. If there are recipes you are interested in feel free to reach out in the comments and I will do my best to get it to you or even better yet, post the recipe here. If you are a regular reader you will see that we have quite a bit left from our last menu that we didnt get around to making so they are still here. We decided to do a hot dog roast up one of our canyons to celebrate Pioneer Day! It was fantastic to get away for a few hours and enjoy the kids! Back to school is right around the corner. Are you excited or dreading it? A mix of both maybe? Back to school means back to routine and I do appreciate that for sure! Have a great weekend!  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN!! Thursday 28 lunch-cheesy chips and salsa dinner-leftovers Friday 29 lunch-fried egg sandwiches and cottage cheese w fruit dinner-easy kid dinner, mom and dad date Saturday

Real Menu for Our Real Family July 1-14th

Hey there! Here is our real familes menu for the next little bit. This is the actual food we will be eating. We are very much looking forward to the 4th of July holiday! What do you do for the 4th? We will be having a BBQ and a very small fireworks show with most of the family (Our littles are just right for something small this year.) If you are interested in any of these recipes please feel free to ask! Have a great weekend! Enjoy your kitchen!  Friday 1 lunch-sandwiches and chips dinner-pizza pockets (requested by kids) mom and dad date Saturday 2 lunch-cheesy chips and salsa dinner-biscuits and sausage gravy, skillet potatoes and fruit Sunday 3 lunch-grilled cheese and tomato soup dinner FHE- SLIDERS NIGHT!! we bring Cheeseburger sliders and surprise salad Monday 4th lunch-leftovers dinner-FHE-We provide hamburgers and hot dogs and all the fixin's. Fruit pizza and ocean water punch our family brings the rest Tuesday 5th lunch-leftovers dinner-Pear Quinoa Chicken Salad Wednesday