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Our Real Menu for Our Real Family July 28-Aug 11 2022

  Hey Friend! Thanks for stopping by! This is our real menu for our real family. It is actually exactly what we will be eating for the next few days. If there are recipes you are interested in feel free to reach out in the comments and I will do my best to get it to you or even better yet, post the recipe here. If you are a regular reader you will see that we have quite a bit left from our last menu that we didnt get around to making so they are still here. We decided to do a hot dog roast up one of our canyons to celebrate Pioneer Day! It was fantastic to get away for a few hours and enjoy the kids! Back to school is right around the corner. Are you excited or dreading it? A mix of both maybe? Back to school means back to routine and I do appreciate that for sure! Have a great weekend!  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN!! Thursday 28 lunch-cheesy chips and salsa dinner-leftovers Friday 29 lunch-fried egg sandwiches and cottage cheese w fruit dinner-easy kid dinner, mom and dad date Saturday

Real Menu for Our Real Family July 1-14th

Hey there! Here is our real familes menu for the next little bit. This is the actual food we will be eating. We are very much looking forward to the 4th of July holiday! What do you do for the 4th? We will be having a BBQ and a very small fireworks show with most of the family (Our littles are just right for something small this year.) If you are interested in any of these recipes please feel free to ask! Have a great weekend! Enjoy your kitchen!  Friday 1 lunch-sandwiches and chips dinner-pizza pockets (requested by kids) mom and dad date Saturday 2 lunch-cheesy chips and salsa dinner-biscuits and sausage gravy, skillet potatoes and fruit Sunday 3 lunch-grilled cheese and tomato soup dinner FHE- SLIDERS NIGHT!! we bring Cheeseburger sliders and surprise salad Monday 4th lunch-leftovers dinner-FHE-We provide hamburgers and hot dogs and all the fixin's. Fruit pizza and ocean water punch our family brings the rest Tuesday 5th lunch-leftovers dinner-Pear Quinoa Chicken Salad Wednesday

Our Real Menu for Our Real Family June 23-June 30th

Hello Friends! We just got back from a well needed vacation! It was glorious to be with our family and relax our days away. We had a blast! I can not wait until we can do it again. Hopefully soon! This a bridge menu for a week. There are some things that have been on the menu a while and some new things as well. We have a birthday this week also, which is always fun! Our next menu will include what we are doing for  the 4th. Make sure to come back to see that! What do you do on the 4th of July? Id love to hear! Also if there are any recipes you are interested in please reach out! Have a great weekend!  Enjoy your kitchen!  Thursday June 23 lunch-sandwiches and chips dinner-loaded french fries Friday 24 lunch0 chicken salad sandwiches and chips dinner-pizza pockets easy kid dinner date night for mom and dad Saturday 25 lunch-PB and J and apples dinner-GABBYS BDAY PARTY Sunday 26 lunch-cheesy chips and salsa dinner-bacon cheeseburgers, potato salad and corn on the cob, hummingbird cake (

Hearty Mac and Cheese Only $10.24 for the whole pan!

 Hi! This Hearty Mac and Cheese Recipe is easy and frugal AND the kids love it! We all know adding bacon makes everything better! Give this one an try and let me know what you think!

Our Real Familes Real Menu June 3-14 2022

Hey Friend! This is our menu for the next few days. It is cut a little short because we are heading out on a little vacation for the last day of this menu. I may or may not publish what we plan on eating while we are away. I do have access to a full kitchen but am not sure how much cooking we will want to be doing.  Obviously. we wont be eating every meal out. but a litte respit from every single meal being made at home will be nice!  Have a great weekend!  Enjoy you kitchen! Friday 3 lunch-sandwiches and chips dinner-dino nuggets and fries (kids choice date night for mom and dad) Saturday 4 lunch-chicken salad sandwiches and chips and bananas dinner-Not your average sloppy Joes, and tots and snap peas Sunday 5 lunch-PB and J w apples dinner-BIG FHE-we provide smoked turkey and loaded baked potatoes kids bring sides and dessert Monday 6 lunch-cheesy chips and salsa dinner-turkey cranberry sunflower salad w raspberry poppy seed dressing Tuesday 7 lunch-frozen dinne

Chicken Oriental Salad

  This make a head Chicken Oriental Salad is one of my hubbys most favorite dishes I make! I love being able to make this in the morning and have it already to go for dinner that night. It is nice and cool and crisp! It works so well on those hot summer nights. Its a great one for parties and company too. I think you are going to love this one!

Our Real Menu for Our Real Family May 19-June 1

 Its that time again! This is our real families real menu. Let me know if there are any recipes your interested in or if you have any questions.  Have a great weekend and enjoy your kitchen! Thursday May 19 lunch-bagels and cream cheese w ham dinner-Chicken Swiss Casserole, southern style canned green beans Friday 20 lunch-sandwiches and chips dinner-dino nuggets and fries (kids) Saturday 21 lunch-tuna dip with crackers dinner-greek cabbage casserole and glazed carrots Sunday 22 lunch-chicken salad sandwiches w chips and bananas dinner-bacon cheeseburgers, ranch potato salad and crinkle cake Monday 23 lunch-PB and J and apples dinner-BBQ chicken salad Tuesday 24 lunch-grilled cheese sandwiches w tomato soup and apples dinner-crock pot potato soup, hot rolls and pickle cream cheese ham roll-ups Wednesday 25 lunch-tuna sandwiches and chips w oranges dinner-hamburger casserole w chip and cheese Thursday 26 lunch-cheese chips and salsa dinner-turkey club sandwiches, pickle spears

Hamburger Vegetable Soup With Cheese

Good Ol' Hamburger Vegetable Soup!  My dear Grandma used to make a soup very similar for us when I was a child growing up. This soup has all the feels for me. The warm tomato broth and simple carrots and potatoes. Ohhh... SO lovely and comforting! It is an inexpensive one too at only $7.74 for the entire pot! It serves 8 so that is less than a dollar per serving! You and I both know that is becoming more important as grocery costs contiune to become more expensive every day. Also it is very customizable. If you have some veggies you need to use or that were on sale. Throw them in! Do you have a recipe that takes you back or is sentimental? Let me know! Lets talk recipes!  Enjoy your kitchen!

My Real Menu for My Real Family May 6-May 18 2022

 Hello friends! This is the menu my family will actually be following for the next little while. If there is a recipe you are interested in please feel free to reach out! Have a wonderful weekend and  enjoy your kitchen!  Friday May 6 lunch-sandwiches and chips dinner-bagel bites (easy for and requested by the kids) Saturday May 7 lunch-soup and toast dinner-wheres the crust pizza and veggies Sunday May 8 lunch-tuna dip and crackers dinner-SURPRISE!! Mothers Day refreshments-chex mix, strawberry lemonade bars, lucky charm squares, melon Monday 9 lunch-chicken salad sandwiches, baby carrots and bananas dinner-grilled chicken and mandarin salad Tuesday 10 lunch-frozen dinner- taco cauliflower rice skillet w tortilla chips Wednesday 11 lunch-ravioli and crackers dinner-Bacon wrapped armadillo eggs, rice pilaf and corn on the cob, banana pudding cheesecake Thursday 12 lunch-fancy ramen dinner-grilled cheese and cheater tomato soup Friday 13 lunch-OUT w my friend dinner-curly fries (by requ

April 2022 Most Popular Post

Hey Friends! Aprils most popular post, meaning the post with the most visits is Navajo Tacos! I cant say I blame you! This is very popular in my family too! Have a great weekend!  Enjoy your kitchen!  My family really loves Navajo Tacos! Some of the children have asked for this for their birthday dinners. Is a Navajo Taco an actual taco. No I don't think it is. A Navajo Taco is actually Indian fry bread topped with Chili and toppings typical of a taco like shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese. sour cream. olives and guacamole. You can use your favorite homemade chili or canned chili. Whichever you prefer. (Be watching for my quick and easy chili recipe coming soon!)

Menu April 21 to May 5

  Hello Friends! This is our real family menu for the next 2 weeks. I hope you find some inspiration that sparks ideas for you  to serve your family. If there are any recipes you are interested in comment below and i will do my best to post them. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your kitchen! Thursday 21 lunch-egg salad sandwiches and chips dinner-split pea soup and garlic bread Friday 22 lunch-hot dogs with sliced tomatoes and chips dinner-easy kid dinner-bagel bites Saturday 23 lunch-sandwiches and chips dinner-Dino nuggets, mac and cheese and fruit Sunday 24 lunch-soup and toast dinner-chicken pot pie pasta, watermelon and eclair cake Monday 25 lunch-tuna dip with crackers and fruit dinner-The best salad Ive ever eaten Tuesday 26 lunch-leftovers dinner-oven fried chicken, baked potatoes and glazed carrots Wednesday 27 lunch-chicken salad sandwiches, baby carrots and bananas dinner-SURPRISE! Thursday 28 lunch-PB and J sandwiches and chips dinner

Real Menu for my Real Family April 7 to April 21 2022

Hello friends!  Can you believe Easter is on this menu? The year is flying by! Please feel free to reach out and ask for any recipes youd like to see.  Have a great weekend!  Enjoy the kitchen!   PS How to you plan your dinners. Are you a planner, a play it by ear kinda person, or a little of both? Comment below and let me know! Id love to hear!   Thursday 7 lunch-soup and toast dinner-Sunday chicken, stuffing and peas and carrots Friday 8 breakfast-crepes lunch-fried egg sandwiches and fruit dinner-bagel bites-easy for kids date night for mom and dad Saturday 9 lunch-BLTS, apples and chips dinner-OUT FOR MY BIRTHDAY! Banana Cake with sweetened condensed frosting and ice cream Sunday 10 lunch-hot dogs with sliced tomatoes and chips dinner-Posole, hot rolls and eclair cake for dessert Monday 11 lunch-egg salad sandwiches and chips dinner-OUT or take out Tuesday 12 lunch-leftovers dinner-califlower ziti, stir fried brussels sprouts and fresh pineapple Wednesd