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Our Real Menu for My Real Family April 19-May 3, 2023

Hey Friend! Here is another menu. You may notice that there are some duplicates from my previous menu. This is just the result of being flexible when things change and in my house things change on he regular. Not need to not eat what we have planned after all. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or would even just like to let me know youve been here in the comments! I love hearing from my friends! Have a great weekend and  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN! BREAKFAST 1. Waffles and Orange Julius   LUNCHES 1. Fried Egg Sandwiches 2. Tuna dip and crackers 3. jazzed ramen 4. Cheesy chips and salsa 5. PB and J and bananas 6. tuna dip and crackers 7. entree salads 8. chicken salad sandwiches and chips 9. PB and J and apples 10. hoagies and chips 11. fridge purge 12. freezer finds 13. leftovers 14.  freezer 15. leftovers DINNERS 1. Shrimp and Grits 2. soft tacos with tortilla chips and homemade salsa 3. picnic and monster cookies  4. pizza rolls and Date Night for Mom and Dad 5, flat ham pi

Copycat Portillos Salad

Hello Dear Reader! Today is a Copycat Portillos Chopped Salad. This one is fantastic! With  the bacon and the Chicken and Pasta with those little nips of gorganzola you are going to love this hearty entree salad! Give it a try today!   

Slow Cooker Trader Joes Yellow Curry Chicken

 Hey There! If you love curry you are going to love this quick and easy dinner. It cooks in the slow cooker and it quite simple to put together. The Chicken is tender the carrots and just right and the sauce is what curry dreams are made of. My husband and I love coconut milk so this onw is right up our alley! We loved this recipe so much! I think you will too!  PS you can buy the sauce at Trader Joes and it will look like this

Our Real Family menu for Apri 7-20. 2023

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! This is our menu! Its a day late this time. I have been working through some health stuff. I think I am on the mend. Hopefully. Anyway, this one is a fun one! Easter AND my birthday! I still have yet to decide on my birthday dessert. What do you suggest? Let me know in the comments.  Have a great Easter weekend and  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN! LUNCHES 1. leftovers 2. fried egg sandwiches and chips 3. egg gravy over toast and bacon 4.leftovers  5. leftovers 6. tuna dip and crackers 7. jazzed ramen 8. cheesy chips and salsa 9. PB and J and bananas 10. egg salad sandwiches and chips 11. leftovers 12. sandwiches and chips 13 OUT 14. tuna dip and crackers DINNERS 1. Pizza rolls and Date night for Mom and Dad 2, hawaiian chicken and grilled pineapple (our kids support with sides etc) 3. spiral cut ham, funeral potatoes, asparagus, hot rolls and deviled eggs, cookies 4. split pea soup and cheesy garlic cruffins 5. EAT OUT 6. easy shepherds pie, hot bread and butter and

Egg Gravy or Eggs Goldenrod-A Family Easter Tradition

  Hey friends! This is a real photo of our real Easter morning breakfast last year. Hence the paper plate. At some point it is mom and dads holiday too and we should get to relax some also.  Am I right? It isn't always going to be fine china and centerpieces at my house. HAHA! We lovingly call this dish egg gravy. I do believe the actual name is Eggs golden rod. We eat this delicious dish every Easter morning, and literally only Easter morning, with our newly boiled and dyed Easter eggs. This tradition comes from my cute husbands family and we recently discovered it has been eaten for potentially 7 generations back. This makes it all the more special for us! They add lots of spices beyond the salt and pepper we use, so feel free to make it your own and spice it up! 

Burrito Casserole-A Quick Semi-Homemade casserole recipe

Are you looking for a quick and easy casserole? Burrito Casserole is for you! This is actually 2 recipes combine into one. Someday soon I am hoping to make the original so be watching for that one too. 

Our Real Families Menu Mar 23-Apr 5, 2023

Hey there! Here is our families menu for the next almost 2 weeks. If you are curious about a recipe or even just want to say hello so I know youve been by to visit leave a comment! Have a great weekend and  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN! LUNCHES 1. Tuna dip and crackers 2 Jazzed ramen 3. crispy shrimp and mac and cheese   4.  jazzed ramen 5.c heesy chips and salsa   6,  PB and J, bananas and chocolate milk 7. leftovers fridge purge 8.  tuna dip and  crackers 9.  hot dogs and chips 10 cinnamon rolls  11.  egg salad sandwiches and chips 12.  leftovers 13. leftovers   DINNERS 1.  loaded fries DATE NIGHT FOR MOM AND DAD 2.  cheesy zucchini chicken bacon bake 3.  pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, and corn on the cob and cinnamon roll cake 4.  sweet and sour meatballs over rice, baby carrots and ranch dip 5.  chicken tetrazzini, broccoli 6.  Italian sub french bread pizza, chips, and baby carrots and ranch dip and Chocolate chip peanut butter bites 7.  chicken bacon ranch zucchini boats and stuffin