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Crumbl Copy Cat Chocolate Chip Cookies

  These are SO SO good! They may be my new favorite chocolate chip recipe. I LOVE crumbl so trust me when I say we still go grab some of their deliciousness too, but sometimes, like on Sundays, I still need me some! Enter this copycat recipe. I have more than a few chocolate chip cookie recipes and I love them all but this one was special. It is worth a try! 

Mini Menu Mar 21-23, 2023

 Hello! This is just a mini menu to get us through until the next bigger set of meals. If you have any questions or need recipes you can comment below and I will get back to you.  Have a great weekend!  LUNCHES 1. fried egg sandwiches and fruit 2. tuna dip and crackers 3. soup and toast DINNERS 1. pizza and salad 2.  Cajun chicken spaghetti squash boats 3.  cheesy zuchinni chicken bacon bake

Lucky Charm Bars

Hey Friends! Don't let this simple unassuming picture fool you! This little baby is next level! If you love rice crispy treats this Lucky Charm bar is going to blow your socks off! They would be perfect as a last minute St Patricks Day Dessert but I would seriously love to eat them anytime. My whole family really enjoyed them! They disappeared pretty quickly. I think you will love these! Give them a try!    

Our Real Familes Menu for Mar 9 to Mar 20, 2023

Hey friends! Here is our menu! This one has some fun days on it with St Patricks coming up! Let me know in the comments if you are interested in any of the recipes or if you wanted to say hi that would be awesome too! Have a great weekend and  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN! LUNCHES 1. cheesy chips and salsa 2. taquitos 3. soup and grilled cheese 4.  leftovers 5.  sandwiches and chips 6.  fried egg sandwiches and fruit 7. salad bar (several times) 8.  tuna dip and crackers 9.  crispy shrimp and mac and cheese DINNERS 1. Taco Rice with Taco toppings 2. Freezer rangoons 3. Freezer finds 4.  Navajo tacos and rum cake 5.  Copycat Portillos Salad 6.  sous vide steak and baked potatoes and sous vide asparagus with lemon ice box pie 7.  Manti Marinade chicken, Country Baked Beans and veggies 8.  New England fish chowder and butter swim breadsticks 9.  DATE NIGHT (for everyone) 10.  corned beef , crock pot potatoes and carrots , stir fried cabbage and mint brownies 11.  waffles and sausage links with V-8

Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

  Hello Friends! This pie is SO easy and So Delicious. It is a perfect last minute addition to your pie night. On March 14..Get it? 3.14 Pie? HAHA! It has only 5 ingredients and is also no bake. WIN WIN!!   

Slow Cooker Carrots and Potatoes

 This is a delicious side dish that really sticks to your ribs. It is hearty and an amazing comfort food! It pairs well with a Corned Beef Brisket for St Patricks Day but would work along any main dish well! You must try this easy on the budget dish asap! 

Our Real Families Real Menu Feb 24-Mar 5 2023

Hey there friend! Here is our next menu. I hope you serves as inspiration when you are deciding what is for dinner. If you are interested in any of the recipes please feel free to reach out in the comments. Or if you want to just say HI! That would be awesome too. Thanksfor stopping by and have a great weekend!  ENJOY your KITCHEN!! Lunches 1. sandwiches and chips 2  tuna dip and crackers 3. sandwiches and chips 4. leftovers 5.  muffins and cottage cheese w fruit 6.  PB and J and chips 7. hot dogs and baby carrots w ranch 8.  cheesy chips with salsa 9. tuna dip and crackers   10.  hot dogs and apples 11. bagel dogs and chips and veggies 12.  grilled cheese sandwiches and soup   13. leftovers Dinners 1.  Taquitos for the kids OUT  2.  Broccoli cheese soup and garlic parm rolls 3.  frozen finds Date Night for mom and dad - 4.  KID DINNER loaded fries 5,  french onion pork chops, broccoli cheddar casserole rice pilaf with copycat crumbl chocolate chip cookies 6.  Crunchy BBQ chicken strip