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Copycat Ruth's Chris Sweet Potato Casserole

Hey There!  I have some explaining to do.  I have had a tried and true sweet potato recipe that I have used  religiously  for years and years. People have asked me for the recipe multiple times and some of my kids still swear by this original recipe which involved the  traditional  marshmallows and caramel etc. It is good. Very good. Don't misunderstand, but when this new recipe came into my life I was instantly converted to it. I don't know if I have just grown up some and don't need the "candy" aspect of the caramely marshmallowy OG, or if this one just really suits my fancy more, but I LOVE the Ruth's Chris sweet potato recipe! I haven't had the  privilege  of going to Ruth's Chris steak house yet (although I would love to someday) so I am taking other peoples word for it as to how close it is to the true Ruth Chris sweet potatoes. If it is as close as they say, I will be ordering it when I can go. It is awesome! The only way I can imagine it any be

Soft and Tender Corn Bread. This one is not dry!

This soft, and fluffy Jiffy Mix cornbread is the perfect side for any dinner. With just a few simple ingredients, it takes just minutes to make and everyone will love it! It's the perfect blend of sweet and savory, and it's sure to become a staple in your home. Serve it warm and add a bit of butter, honey or herbs for extra flavor. Enjoy this delicious cornbread!  

Classic Wedge Salad with the Most Divine Blue Cheese Dressing!

  This wedge salad is quite literally one of the best salads I have had as of late! We all loved it so much! My daughters who arent fans of blue cheese subbed the dressing out for a lovely ceasars dressing and still loved it lots, but let me tell you...I am not a fan of blue cheese dressing and I loved this one! I should say I do enjoy blue cheese crumbles, bur for some reason the dressing is a no go until this one came into my life! OH it is good! Give this one a try today!

Fruit Bowl with A Honey Lime Glaze

 This simple and refreshing fruit bowl features a yummy honey lime glaze. You can use whatever fruits you like best, but I suggest using atleast three different fresh fruits if you can. Opt for a colorful combination, imagine juicy mangoes, succulent strawberries, plump blueberries, and tangy pineapple. The combinations are endless! I used strawberries blueberries and grapes this time. Its so good and perfect in these hot summer days! 

Delicious Fruit Salad

 Hi! This one is a winner! Its kinda like if a jello salad and a fruit salad had a baby and made this beautiful queen salad! It is easy and delish! My beautiful daughter Lindsay pointed me in this salads direction and she was right! This one is SO good! Its got oranges and pineapple with strawberries and bananas mixed together with a pie filling and jello too! YUM-O!! It would be a great winter dish when fruit is more expensive but it shouldnt be saved for winter though.  Its great year round. 

Garlic Cheese Muffins

These Easy Cheese Garlic Muffins are a perfect addition to any meal or snack time. Made with croissant dough, garlic butter, and cheese, they are simple to make and bursting with flavor. We absolutely loved them and think you will too! Make these today!

Slow Cooker Carrots and Potatoes

 This is a delicious side dish that really sticks to your ribs. It is hearty and an amazing comfort food! It pairs well with a Corned Beef Brisket for St Patricks Day but would work along any main dish well! You must try this easy on the budget dish asap! 

7 layered Green Salad

  Dont let this simple picture fool you! This 7 layer green salad is a throw back to more earlier times and deserves a retake. My family loves this dish and it kind works like magic! The warm bacon thaws the peas and the green onion will flavor the mayo for a tasty dressing. Its perfect. The smokey bacon and the cool lettuce, celery and peas are a match made in heaven. This is a great pot luck dish too! Try it today!

Pepper Jack Potato Casserole

You GUYS!!  I tried this casserole to get out of my funeral potato rut and Boy OH BOY! It did the trick. Its is a spicy cross between funeral potatoes and scalloped potatoes and I am not mad about it! This one is amazing! My Dear Husband actaully said it is Thanksgiving worthy. Its creamy and with a hint of spice and the crunchy topping is the bomb! Have I mentioned that is super easy too? Everyone had seconds! If you are looking to switch your side dish up here you go! Make this one ASAP!  

Pineapple Cheese Casserole (an excellent Thanksgiving side dish)

You guys!  This casserole is unbeliveable. The sweet pineapple with the crispy crackers and the creamy cracker crumbs is a match made in heaven! It is sweet and salty bliss! If you think the cheese is weird with  the pineapple may I challange you to not knock it until you try it? It is really good! My kids request it whenever we are eating ham. It is a must. Try it and let me know what you think! What are your favorite sides with ham? Comment and tell me! Id love to hear!

Snickers Salad

Ok so this "salad" isnt exactly a healthy salad. I mean, I am not even sure its a salad at all, but what I  do know it is amazingly delicious! Its is loaded with apples and grapes and also little morsels of snickers candy bar! Yummy! It has the essence of a caramel apple to me. SO GOOD! Make this one!  It is a crowd pleaser!    

Bacon Ranch Potato Salad

  Hello Friends! This is my Bacon Ranch Potato Salad. It is so good! I have two potato salad recipes I really enjoy and this is one of them. Its got bacon and onion and ranch! Some could say its crack potato salad after all. HAHA! If you added cheese it definitely would be. This salad goes perfect with BBQs and picnics that are surely coming up for you and me both. I most recently served it with Bacon Cheeseburgers we cooked on our grill. YUM! Do you have a favorite BBQ side dish? What is it? Leave me a comment and let me know! 


  Years and years ago, my sweet husband and I ate an appetizer at All Of Garden (get it? HAHA!!) It was so good we knew we needed to find a way to have it at home. Much less expensive and easier to get to. This is our best efforts on bruchetta. We now eat it more like a meal over sour dough toast. Sometimes when we are especially fancy we will rub the buttered toast with a little garlic clove but usually we just toast up sour dough and top with this delicious concoction. Right now is the best time of year to get ahold of the most delicious tomatoes straight from the garden but its pretty colors make a great christmas dish too. We've also been know to just eat this out of a bowl like a salad sometimes. Especially if carbs are a concern. Give this one a try! Have you ever tried to make a restaurant recipe at home? Comment and tell me all about it! 

Glazed Carrots

Ok Friends these are not exactly healthy but they are so tasty. Definitely worth the extra in my opinion. They almost taste like theyve been dipped in caramel! A little sweet buttery goodness over baby carrots. We love them here! They would be perfect for your Easter dinners or Christmas too! Having said that they are also so easy they work for any normal week night too.