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Menu Dec 2023 and Jan 2024

Hey Friend! Here it is!  Check in if you have questions or want a recipe.  HAPPY NEW YEAR! LUNCHES Bagels and Cream Cheese with Ham Fried egg sandwiches and chips Frito Pie Leftovers Peanut butter and banana sandwiches and chips Tuna dip and crackers Sandwiches and chips Eggs and toast Cheesy chips Hot pockets Egg salad sandwiches and chips PB Toast  DINNERS- Pulled pork Mash Bowls Apps-buckeyes, crescent sausage pinwheels, pigs in a blanket, Montecristo pinwheels, buffalo chicken dip and crackers, cheddar cheese crackers and fancy pizza rolls Ugly rice and veggies Orange Chicken and fried rice *Creamy Pork chops and potatoes, salad  Leftovers Slow Cooker whole chicken, stuffing and veggies Hamburger Vegetable Soup with Cheese and hot rolls Lasagna and Fauxcoccia *Apricot Chicken, Rice Pilaf and veggies No Peek Pork Tips with Mashed potatoes and Veggies BDAY OUT EASY DINNERS Chicken bacon ranch pizza Mini tacos with sour cream DESSERTS Mint chocolate fudge Chocolate chip pudding cookie

Our Families Actual Menu for Dec 2023

Hi! This is our families menu for the next little bit. We have CHRISTMAS CAMP coming up and our Monthly Big Family Home Evening so we have some fun things to look forward in the next few weeks. Hows your week looking? Anything Fun youd like to share? Leave it in the comments! Have a great weekend and enjoy your kitchen!! LUNCHES Mac and cheese cups Roast Beast burgers, Who Potato Hash, Grinchy garden finds and Cindy Lou Who dip, Who pudding and Whoobee dee whatee punch Frito pie Cheesy chips Chicken salad sandwiches and chips Leftovers Grilled cheese and chips Freezer finds Soup and crackers Sandwiches and chips Ravioli and  toast DINNERS Navajo tacos Frozen pizzas BIG FHE we provide ham and Cherry Cheesecake Candy Cane  Split Pea Soup and garlic bread 4 ingredient meatloaf and mashed potatoes and easy green beans Leftovers Chili verde, birria tacos and mexican rice Chicken nuggets and fries Greek Lemon Chicken and potatoes with Broccoli Hearty Chicken noodle Soup and rolls No Peek Por

Our Real Menu for my Real Family Aug 2023

 Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Here is our latest menu. We have some fun plans for the next few weeks and are very excited about them! We hope you do too! Have a great weekend and ENJOY your Kitchen! LUNCHES Tuna sandwiches and chips PB and J and chips Soup, ramen and ravioli Grilled cheese and tomato soup Freezer finds Sandwiches and fruit Frito pie PB and J and chips Pineapple and cottage cheese and leftovers Egg salad sandwiches and chips Tuna dip and crackers DINNERS Open Faced Meatball subs with a side salad and chocolate chip banana bread Leftovers Baked ziti, garlic bread and veggies Breaded chicken sandwiches, deviled egg pasta salad and party dip with tortilla chips ANNUAL CARNIVAL Hot dog bar, sauerkraut, j-dawg sauce, shredded and sliced cheese, chopped onion, chili, relish, mayo, mustard, ketchup, tomatoes homemade root beer, and chips Waffles, buttermilk syrup, bacon and funky Frito bars for dessert OUT THE tacos, chips and salsa and Mexican street cor

Our Real Menu for My real Family June 2023

Hey There! This is our next set of meals. We just finished a most entertaining staycation with our big little family had a great time! We had reservations at a campground but due to "winter damage" it was cancelled. Although we would have loved to be camping we made the best of it and had a wonderful time together here in town. Let me know if you would like any of these recipes. Have a great day! LUNCHES- taco meat and cottage cheese w chips PB and Js and chips freezer finds hoagies and chips salads BLTS and chips soup, ramen or ravioli or mac and cheese DINNERS tator tot casserole applebees oriental chicken salad cheeseburgers, french fries and veggies malibu chicken, rice pilaf and broccoli orange chicken and fried rice and veggies hamburger gravy with mashed potatoes and veggies sushi bowls DESSERTS butterscotch pie crack bars EASY KID DINNERS pizza rolls grilled cheese and tomato soup

Mini Menu Mar 21-23, 2023

 Hello! This is just a mini menu to get us through until the next bigger set of meals. If you have any questions or need recipes you can comment below and I will get back to you.  Have a great weekend!  LUNCHES 1. fried egg sandwiches and fruit 2. tuna dip and crackers 3. soup and toast DINNERS 1. pizza and salad 2.  Cajun chicken spaghetti squash boats 3.  cheesy zuchinni chicken bacon bake

Our Real Families Real Menu Jan 13-22 2023

Hello Friend! Here is our menu for the next 10 days or so. Have a great weekend! If you are interested in any of the recipes or have a comment please feel free to leave it in the comments following the blog post. Enjoy You kitchen! LUNCHES 1 . PB and bacon sandwiches and chips 2.    hot dogs, grape tomatoes or baby carrots and chips 3.  tuna dip and crackers 4.egg salad sandwiches and chips  5. bagels w cream cheese and ham 6.  grilled cheese and soup 7. leftovers 8. ramen 9. mandarin oranges and cottage cheese and muffins DINNERS 1. OUT 2. Homemade Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies, rice crispy treats 3. hamburgervegetable soup w cheese and hot rolls 4. teriyaki chicken, fried rice and veggies 5. butter chicken and rice  6. hot dog potatoes boats and veggies 7. hot pockets easy kid dinner 8. chili, corn bread 9. potato bar ding dong cake 10.  frito pie

Our Real Menu for Our Real Family Dec 1-Dec 11 2022

Hello! How are you? Here is our menu for the next few days. Need more info? A Recipe? Comment below and I will get back to you! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your kitchen!   Thursday 1 lunch-leftovers dinner-Greek Cabbage Casserole and butter swim bread-sticks Friday 2 lunch-PB and J and stuffed celery dinner-date night tikka marsala for the girls Saturday 3 CHRISTMAS CAMP!! lunch-swirly twirly pinwheels, rosy red tomatoes, and little snowman noses w snow sauce, Cheery chips, and cottonheaded ninny muggins tummy ticklers SNACK-Christmas tree cakes dinner-OUT Sunday 4 BIG FHE/CHRISTMAS DINNER  lunch-tamales and chips and homemade salsa dinner-we provide a spiral ham and strawberry pretzel jello Monday 5 lunch-freezer find dinner-split pea soup and hot bread Tuesday 6 lunch-tuna dip and crackers and orange slices dinner-Cafe Rio copy cat sweet pork burritos w homemade pico and tortilla chips Wednesday 7 CHRISTMAS IN COLOR lunch-out dinner-out Thursday 8 lunch-hoagie sandwiches and chip