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Our Real Families Menu May 2023

Hey Friends! This is what my menu looks like this week. We are working with some medical specialists so our eating has changed slightly, so weve changed how we do menus slightly too. If you have any questions or are interested in recipes, please comment below and I will get back to you ASAP! Have a wonderful weekend and  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN!!   DINNERS 1. Easy shepherds pie 2. Orange Chicken, Chicken fried rice and Soup Dumplings 3. Sesame Baked chicken with Mushroom sauce, asparagus, hot rolls 4. Roasted Chicken Breast and bruchetta  5. hot dogs with chips and potato salad 6. Slow Cooker Low Country Boil 7. Peruvian chicken and potatoes with veggies or salad KIDS EASY DINNERS 1. loaded fries 2. freezer finds DESSERTS Mississippi Mud Brownies Butterscotch pie EXTRAS 5 ingredient cottage cheese bread (high protein bread)

Our Real Menu for Our Real Family May 2023

  Hey There! Thanks for being here! This is our new menu. Let me know if you would like recipes or have questions. Have a wonderful weekend and  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN!! LUNCHES 1. Tuna-wan Kenobi Sandwiches with Galactic Crackers 2. Chicken salad sandwiches and chips 3. Turkey sandwiches and chips 4. Freezer finds 5. Ravioli and soups 6. PB and J sandwich and chips DINNERS 1. Tatooine Sweet and Sour Meatballs over rice and dagobah greens 2. KID DINNER mini tacos and guacamole      Date night for mom and dad 3. Hamburger enchilada rice with tortilla chipa and cheese 4. Street Tacos, (pork carnitas, and chicken teriyaki) white queso dip 5. Homemade rotisserie chicken and veggies, stuffing  6. Eggs Benedict casserole and tropical fruit salad 7. Easy shepherds pie 8. Orange chicken, chicken fried rice and soup dumplings DESSERTS mississippi mud brownies eclair cake