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Lucky Charm Bars

Hey Friends! Don't let this simple unassuming picture fool you! This little baby is next level! If you love rice crispy treats this Lucky Charm bar is going to blow your socks off! They would be perfect as a last minute St Patricks Day Dessert but I would seriously love to eat them anytime. My whole family really enjoyed them! They disappeared pretty quickly. I think you will love these! Give them a try!    

Monster Cookies

 This is such a yummy, easy cookie! Its really great for your cookie plates and cookie exchanges! So fun to change out the colors of the M&Ms to match the holiday or season you are baking in. It is a cross of peanut butter, oatmeal, and chocolate chip. So soft and delish! Also, there is NO flour used in this recipe. It can easily become of gluten free cookie if you make double sure your oats are gluten free.        

Cherry Pie Squares

Hey there! I am here to bring you these delicious Cherry Pie Squares! This recipe was fairly easy to make and everyone loved them! It has a hint of almond extract along with the vanilla which is always a favorite of mine! Give this yummy dessert a try asap! You will not be dissapointed!  

Hamburger Vegetable Soup With Cheese

Good Ol' Hamburger Vegetable Soup!  My dear Grandma used to make a soup very similar for us when I was a child growing up. This soup has all the feels for me. The warm tomato broth and simple carrots and potatoes. Ohhh... SO lovely and comforting! It is an inexpensive one too at only $7.74 for the entire pot! It serves 8 so that is less than a dollar per serving! You and I both know that is becoming more important as grocery costs contiune to become more expensive every day. Also it is very customizable. If you have some veggies you need to use or that were on sale. Throw them in! Do you have a recipe that takes you back or is sentimental? Let me know! Lets talk recipes!  Enjoy your kitchen!

Delicious Wonton Soup.

Hello Friends! This soup is a super hero! Its healthy, and easy, quick, and so very easy! I really love wonton soup and so does my family. They are always excited when the "Whats for Dinner?" is answered by wonton soup! I highly suggest this restaurant copy cat as a must try!  NOTE*if you wont be eating this all in one sitting I highy suggest saving some of your wontons to add when you heat up your leftovers. Just add them to your bowl and pour the soup over and then heat.