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Our Families Actual Menu for Sept 2023

 Hey There! Here is our next menu for the next little while...Let me know if you have any questions or would like the recipes in the comments! Have a great weekend and  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN!! LUNCHES hoagies and chips soup ravioli or ramen leftovers salads PB and J and chips BLTs and chips and bananas mac and cheese and baby carrots bagels and cream cheese and ham popcorn shrimp and rice pilaf and veggies freezer finds chicken salad sandwiches and chips cottage cheese and pineapple DINNERS leftovers McGriddle Casserole, crushed potatoes and fruit THE tacos, chips and salsa and mexican street corn casserole smokies green bean and potato casserole salsa verde pork bowls bacon cheeseburger tater tot cups, and glazed baby carrots sausage spinach and tortellini soup and cheddar bay biscuits EASY KID DINNER frozen dinners hamburger helper DESSERTS zucchini bread Lemon icebox pie