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Our Real Menu for Our Real Family Feb 9-19 2023

1. leftovers
2. tuna salad and crackers
3. Fried egg sandwiches and fruit
4, soup or ramen
5. leftovers
6. PB and J and chips  
7. tuna salad and crackers
8. Soup and crackers
9. leftovers
10. frozen pizzas

1. WW sesame chicken over rice and veggies

2. Frozen pizza easy for the kids date night for mom and dad

3. Bread sticks, spaghetti sauce and cheese sauce with pasta, tomatoes and baby carrots and cucumbers with dipping sauce. Brownies or cookies. Shirley temples or flavored water

4.SUPER BOWL!! Fancy pizza rolls, ranch dip and ruffles, baby carrots and grape tomatoes, pig shots, shrimp and cocktail sauce, spinach and artichoke dip w tortilla chips, crispy wings and frozen cream puffs 

5. Taco rice with Doritos and toppings

6. Heart shaped Pizza and salad chocolate chip cookies

7. VALENTINES DAY DINNER crack and peel shrimp, breaded shrimp, crab legs, twice baked potato casserole, cheddar bay biscuits, nutella strawberry pie

8. Leftovers or frozen finds

9. Taquitos for the kids Date night for mom and dad


11.  Breakfast for dinner with cheesy baked eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and toast and blueberry banana cakes


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