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Our Real Families Real Menu Dec 29 2022-Jan 8 2023

Thurs Dec 29

lunch-frito pie

dinner-lasagna and garlic bread

Friday Dec  30

lunch-PB and Honey and chips

dinner-tikka marsala easy for the kids

Saturday Dec 31 NEW YEARS EVE

lunch-Fried egg sandwiches and baby carrots

dinner-cowboy caviar, chicken tamale casserole, cherry chocolate cake, cherry cheesecake bars and rice crispy treats etc OR tamales and hoppin john 

Sunday Jan 1 BIG FHE

lunch-frozen pizza

dinner-NACHOS! We bring guac, sour cream, chicken and shredded cheese 

Monday Jan  2

lunch-tuna dip and apples

dinner-slow cooker cheesy chicken broccoli rice

Tuesday Jan 3

lunch-PB and bacon sandwiches and chips

dinner-BBQ chicken thighs, stuffing and veggies

Wednesday Jan  4

lunch-freezer find

dinner-teriyaki chicken and fried rice and veggies

Thursday Jan 5

lunch-eggs and toast

dinner-hamburger vegetable soup w cheese and hot rolls

Friday Jan 6


dinner-loaded fries

Saturday Jan 7

lunch-soup and toast

dinner-hot dog potato boats and veggies

Sunday Jan 8

lunch-cheesy chips and salsa

dinner-meatball subs, chips and ding dong cake



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