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Mini Menu Feb 20-23 2023

  This is just a mini menu to get us through while I make our bigger menu. I hop you enjoy! If you have any questions or are interested an a recipe please feel free to reach out in the comments below.   Have a great weekend!  Lunches 1. Frozen finds 2. soup and crackers 3. sandwiches and chips 4. tuna dip and crackers Dinners 1.Crockpot   Yellow Curry Chicken over Coconut Rice 2. R ed burrito casserole, w lettuce, tomato, and sour cream and homemade guacamole and tortilla chips 3. OUT 4. Broccoli Cheese Soup with Garlic Parmsean Rolls

Fancy Party Chicken Salad

This Chicken Salad is so tasty and refreshing and is a pefect dish for entertaining too. Imagine this on a mini croisant or a slider roll! It would be just right for a baby shower or bridal shower or any occasion that requires "fancy" food. Just add some fruit or fruit salad to the side and you are golden! 

Our Real Menu for Our Real Family Feb 9-19 2023

LUNCH LIST 1. leftovers 2. tuna salad and crackers 3. Fried egg sandwiches and fruit 4, soup or ramen 5. leftovers 6. PB and J and chips   7. tuna salad and crackers 8. Soup and crackers 9. leftovers 10. frozen pizzas DINNER LIST 1. WW sesame chicken over rice and veggies 2. Frozen pizza easy for the kids date night for mom and dad 3. Bread sticks, spaghetti sauce and cheese sauce with pasta, tomatoes and baby carrots and cucumbers with dipping sauce. Brownies or cookies. Shirley temples or flavored water 4.SUPER BOWL!! Fancy pizza rolls, ranch dip and ruffles, baby carrots and grape tomatoes, pig shots, shrimp and cocktail sauce, spinach and artichoke dip w tortilla chips, crispy wings and frozen cream puffs  5. Taco rice with Doritos and toppings 6. Heart shaped Pizza and salad chocolate chip cookies 7. VALENTINES DAY DINNER crack and peel shrimp, breaded shrimp, crab legs, twice baked potato casserole, cheddar bay biscuits, nutella strawberry pie 8. Leftovers or frozen finds 9. Taqu

Super Easy Low and Slow All Day Stew

  This recipe has been in our home for years and years and we love it! It is so easy to put together and is a perfect hearty stew for those cold winter nights. Those potatoes and stew meat with the carrots and the creamy soup will stick to your ribs and keep you coming back for more! I highly recommend you give this one a try! 

7 layered Green Salad

  Dont let this simple picture fool you! This 7 layer green salad is a throw back to more earlier times and deserves a retake. My family loves this dish and it kind works like magic! The warm bacon thaws the peas and the green onion will flavor the mayo for a tasty dressing. Its perfect. The smokey bacon and the cool lettuce, celery and peas are a match made in heaven. This is a great pot luck dish too! Try it today!

Our Real Families Real Menu Jan -Feb 5 2023

This is our upcoming menu. We have a few family gatherings on this one. Please note that a couple of the dishes say weight watchers. I am not following the weight watchers plan currently but I do love their recipes when I am looking for something more healthy. If you are interested in any of these recipes or have any questions feel free to reach out in the comments below this post. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend and  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN! LUNCHES 1.  fried egg sandwiches and chips 2.  freezer finds 3. jazzed up ramen 4. grilled cheese and soup 5.  hoagies and chips 6.  egg salad sandwiches and chips 7.  soup and crackers 8.  freezer finds 9. s andwiches and chips 10.  leftovers 11.  lemon pepper tilipia and mac and cheese DINNERS 1. OUT 2. Hot pockets (easy for the kids DATE NIGHT!) 3. A pple brats and chips 4.  Italian pork and Amish noodles, green salad and rice crispy treats 5. Homemade chicken bacon ranch pizza, and butter swim bread             sticks with baby carrots

Chocolate Cherry Cake

 Oh this cake! All you need is love and  this Chocolate Cherry Cake I tell ya! This baby is easy and so good! Its combo of cherry and chocolate is a beautiful marriage of flavors. Speaking of marriage this would be an amazing Valentines Dinner dessert! The fudgy frosting is decadent! I wish I had a better photo of her but dont let this simple slice confuse. She is beautiful! You should make this Chocolate Cherry cake asap!