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Slow Cooker Dog Chow

Hey Friends! Yes, you read that right. This is dog food. I made it myself and have been making it for awhile now. Had you told me years ago I would be making homemade dog food I would have slapped you into the middle of next week. I had never considered myself a dog person. EVER. But we found ourselves with a daughter who suffers from sometimes crippling anxiety. Our doctor suggested a companion pet. I may not have been a dog person but I was a 100 percent Mamma and if  anything can improve your child's situation its a GO! So the search began. After much research, and lots a blood sweat prayers and tears, we finally found Kiki! Kiki's parents are both papered purebred. One parent is a pure Havanese and one is a purebred Maltese. Shes a Havamalt.  Kiki is 9lbs of zummie energy, white curly haired puppy baby and I absolutely adore her. We all do! And strangely enough she seems to love all of us too. Kiki is amazing with our littles too. She is a dream and I am not quite sure how

Slow Cooker Trader Joes Yellow Curry Chicken

 Hey There! If you love curry you are going to love this quick and easy dinner. It cooks in the slow cooker and it quite simple to put together. The Chicken is tender the carrots and just right and the sauce is what curry dreams are made of. My husband and I love coconut milk so this onw is right up our alley! We loved this recipe so much! I think you will too!  PS you can buy the sauce at Trader Joes and it will look like this

Slow Cooker Carrots and Potatoes

 This is a delicious side dish that really sticks to your ribs. It is hearty and an amazing comfort food! It pairs well with a Corned Beef Brisket for St Patricks Day but would work along any main dish well! You must try this easy on the budget dish asap! 

Super Easy Low and Slow All Day Stew

  This recipe has been in our home for years and years and we love it! It is so easy to put together and is a perfect hearty stew for those cold winter nights. Those potatoes and stew meat with the carrots and the creamy soup will stick to your ribs and keep you coming back for more! I highly recommend you give this one a try!