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Easy Baked Potato Soup

This soup is a keeper! Sorry about the cheese! I mean, I am not sorry but my love of the cheese has hidden the delicious soup a little but it is delicious and very easy and I hope you give this one a try! If you love loaded baked potatoes you will love this!  

Open Faced Meatball Subs-A semi-homemade dinner idea

Hi! I came accoss this recipe on TikTok and knew it was going to be a winner! It is quick, easy, tasty and satisfing! My family loves it and I will definitely be making it again! Let me know if you make it! Also, What are your most favorite quick easy dinner ideas! I would love to hear!

2 ingredient Quick Cobbler

 Ok this has no business being as tasty as it was for as easy as it is to make. Honestly I didnt think it would wow but boy oh boy was I surprised. Its not much of a recipe but we will put in that form anyway. Let me know if you try it! I love hearing from my readers! Have a great day!

Award WInning Semi-Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

  Hello There! Thanks for stopping by! Today We have an award winning Spaghetti Sauce Recipe you are going to love! It is fairly easy and makes a ton of sauce! You are going to love this one! Let me know if you decide to make it or if you have any questions. Have a wonderful day and Enjoy your Kitchen!

Christmas Crinkle (A Tik Tok Inspired Recipe)

H ey! This recipe went crazy on tik tok serveral months ago. I thought it would make a perfect Christmas dessert! It is easy and semi-homemade but tastes and presents like you worked really hard to make. This is my absolute favorite style recipe! It is so tasty! Very buttery and almost creamy in the middle with a satisfying crunch on the top! Give this one a try! 

Quick and Easy Snack Mix!

 Hey There! Looking for a quick easy snack mix? I like to set a Big 'Ol Bowl of  this out for watching a great movie or we have been known to make this up for our churches semi annual conference we can watch on TV. Its not exactly necessary to make a recipe card for this obviously, but I just buy some   chex muddy buddies,  a jar of dry roasted and salted peanuts,  some M&Ms,  the holiday colors are always fun! You can get whatever flavors your family likes best, and  some mini Reeses peanut butter cups.  Pour them in your favorite bowl and mix mix mix. Its always a surprise how fast this fun  treat goes. Every one for the babies on up loves it! And who doesnt love making a great, semi-homemade, easy treat?? Whats your favorite go to movie snack? Comment and let me know! 

Tiny Tortellini Stacks-A great Summer Appetizer!

Hi Friend! Are you in need for an appetizer that is easy and cool. Both cool and temp and cool in awesomeness!? These little fellas are your huckleberry!  Let me know if you try them!  We enjoyed them a bunch!  

Delicious Wonton Soup.

Hello Friends! This soup is a super hero! Its healthy, and easy, quick, and so very easy! I really love wonton soup and so does my family. They are always excited when the "Whats for Dinner?" is answered by wonton soup! I highly suggest this restaurant copy cat as a must try!  NOTE*if you wont be eating this all in one sitting I highy suggest saving some of your wontons to add when you heat up your leftovers. Just add them to your bowl and pour the soup over and then heat.   

Quick and Easy Chili-Ready in 25 minutes

This is a go to recipe for our family! We love chili but just flat out don't have the time to do all that soaking the beans etc that a traditional chili would take. This recipe is adapted from a cooking genius friend of mine who taught me a lot of domestic things in my earlier years whom I will forever be thankful for!!  

Navajo Tacos

My family really loves Navajo Tacos! Some of the children have asked for this for their birthday dinners. Is a Navajo Taco an actual taco. No I don't think it is. A Navajo Taco is actually Indian fry bread topped with Chili and toppings typical of a taco like shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese. sour cream. olives and guacamole. You can use your favorite homemade chili or canned chili. Whichever you prefer. (Be watching for my quick and easy chili recipe coming soon!)

Easy Lemon Cookies

These quick and easy Lemon Cookies will be a lovely addition to your Easter Feast! They are fresh and taste like spring! They have a fun special ingredient added in. LEMONHEADS! YUM!  Be sure to try them out! I'm sure you will love them!