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How to make a bunch of Pendant triangles in 2 easy cuts! A tutorial.

Hi! So, as we all know those banner/pendant thingies are WAY popular right now, and who am I to not do the popular thing? I'm hip! I'm with it! (hopefully if I say it enough it will come true LOL!! If you confess it you possess it right?  So I am confessing with the best of them!! Tee Hee!!!) ANYWHO........ I made myself one yesterday that I totally love but the great news for you is that I was shown (by my super genius husband who downloads how to do stuff like Neo in the Matrix I swear) how to cut all the triangles at once! WOOT!  Here is how easy it is.... Step 1. Cut a strip from salvage to salvage equal to the height you want your triangles to be.  I wanted mine to be 6 inches wide and 6 inches tall so I cut my strip 6 inches wide. Step 2 Fold the fabric strip accordion style (like a paper fan) equal to the width you want. Remember I wanted 6x6 so my folds were 6 inches wide. Step 3 fold the stack in half again Step 4 Cut from corner to corner lengthwise Tada! Lots of tr

The Stairway is AMAZING!!

I had to blog about one of my most recent vinyl jobs! Have you ever worked with someone that you have never heard their voice, or seen their face, but feel like you really connect with them? That is how I felt about Laura who commissioned us to cut these wonderful "rules" for her family!! Is she not a crafty  GENIUS!?! I love it! I am grateful to have been part of a most amazing project!! It makes me want to rip the carpet off my stairs and do this too!! Laura YOU are the BOMB!!! lots of loves!! Emily PS anyone who is interested in purchasing the "rules" can be found here Thank you!

Festive Bandana Picnic Table Cloth

I love my new picnic table cloth!! Isn't it cute? All I did was sew 16 bandannas together like my mama did a few years ago.  It will be so fun to have for the 4th!! PS don't be fooled by the wrinkles...with a little manipulation it came together nice and straight despite the fact that the bandannas are officially not cut perfectly square.  Loves to all!! Be sure to visit all the great blogs I have linked to!! They are the best! Check it out!! Click on the button!! "  

Floor Candlesticks! Only 12 BUCKS!!! I need them! I want them! I love them!!

HOW AWESOME!! RIGHT? I found a wonderful tutorial at Impatiently Praying for Patience .  Go see her fabulous tut  here! She is also holding a giveaway this week for a free will which we all NEED! GO enter! You are going to love her blog!! Thank you Impatiently Praying for Patience!!

Craft Cubby!

So first let's have a confessional.  My crafts have taken over my living room and my family room.  My name is Emily and I have a craft problem.  LOL!! Then Hark!?  What's that I hear? Swooping in from the distance?  "Here I come to save the day! Martha Stewart  is on the way!!!" (She didn't really talk to me but her craft SO talked to me)  I am imagining this little baby in a full length style with a rod for all my ribbons etc etc etc with the cutest fabric available for the curtain.  Thank you Martha!!  It will be mine. Oh Yes.  It will be mine. Check it out here !

Yo-Yo Pillow! I love it!

My baby sister Anne Marie has been talking alot about Yo-Yo's and look what I found! This tutorial is at Straight Stitches .  You have got to go and check out her blog! She has amazing ideas! This darling pillow is just one of many! Thank you Straight Stitches!! I can't wait to make my own yo-yo pillow!