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Egg Gravy or Eggs Goldenrod-A Family Easter Tradition

  Hey friends! This is a real photo of our real Easter morning breakfast last year. Hence the paper plate. At some point it is mom and dads holiday too and we should get to relax some also.  Am I right? It isn't always going to be fine china and centerpieces at my house. HAHA! We lovingly call this dish egg gravy. I do believe the actual name is Eggs golden rod. We eat this delicious dish every Easter morning, and literally only Easter morning, with our newly boiled and dyed Easter eggs. This tradition comes from my cute husbands family and we recently discovered it has been eaten for potentially 7 generations back. This makes it all the more special for us! They add lots of spices beyond the salt and pepper we use, so feel free to make it your own and spice it up!