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Pinterest Interest...North Pole Post mark

I found this on pinterest and know I will be using the tip!!  The kids are going to love it! DID YOU KNOW... that you can get a REAL postmarked letter from the North Pole from the USPS??? ♥ Instructions are HERE! letters must be received by Dec.10 to ensure that your 'letters from Santa' get delivered to your little ones by Christmas Day! :)

The next generation of Crafters!

This Saturday is the local UofU verses BYU game and it gets kinda crazy around here!! My 11 year old daughter Gabby couldn't stand the thoughts of having to go to school not all decked out from head to toe in her red and white.  She made these hair pieces last night all by herself from start to finish...I am one proud mama! The smaller one is for her little sister Sarah. What a great girl!  The next generation of crafters coming up behind us are going to blow us away with their skills! I just know it! Sarah and her flower

TP Pumpkins, getting organized for christmas and a linky party!

These are my version of the great tutorial found here at The Sweet Life.  Again go check out this easy to make tutorial! I love how mine turned out! Thank you Sweet Life! They are going to look super cute on my piano!!   Now for my goals this week to get start getting organized for the Holidays.... 1. Find a date when the kids and I can rug doctor the carpets 2. Find a time the family is all available to a photo shoot (and decide what clothes we are wearing) 3. Figure out what we will be giving all those on our gift giving shopping list 4. Decide if I am making any gifts this year and if I am get crackin!! 5. Make our Christmas card list 6. Make our neighbor gift list 7. Decide once and for all what we are giving as our neighbor gift 8. Schedule a manny for mom and the girlie's in Dec (I am hoping this become a tradition!!!) 9. Clean Gabby and Sarah's room with concentration of thinning down the toys 10. Get Halloween costumes decided and started 11. Plan my month of daily holi

The Stairway is AMAZING!!

I had to blog about one of my most recent vinyl jobs! Have you ever worked with someone that you have never heard their voice, or seen their face, but feel like you really connect with them? That is how I felt about Laura who commissioned us to cut these wonderful "rules" for her family!! Is she not a crafty  GENIUS!?! I love it! I am grateful to have been part of a most amazing project!! It makes me want to rip the carpet off my stairs and do this too!! Laura YOU are the BOMB!!! lots of loves!! Emily PS anyone who is interested in purchasing the "rules" can be found here Thank you!

The Stockings Were Hung-Cute Stocking Hanger

I am not lucky enough to have a fireplace.  I know I know somebody call the wahhambulance but still I need somewhere to hang my stockings.  Here is our solution.  I love how it turned out! The "hooks" are cabinet drawer pulls.  Want a tutorial? Let me know! I'd be happy to make one for you!! loves to all! and Merry Christmas! (in July) ps don't forget to vote on your favorite Christmas movie! Need the vinyl? go HERE