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Creepy Mr Meaty, Cheese Ball-Pefect for you Halloween Dinners!

Is this guy Not the Creepiest?!  I just love him!  My sweetheart, Jason, is a lover of all things Halloween and this is his creation. He is amazing in every way and especially creative when it come to halloween! Mr Meaty here is perfect for your Halloween dinner and so easy to make. You are going to want to make this for your crowd! You will need a face mask.  He used a clear one, but really any face shaped vessel will do. Although, it will be much easier if it is solid and not a soft and squishy latex mask. The picture below is what his basically looked like. You will take the face mask and line it with saran wrap. Then you will line the saran wrap with procuitto ham, being sure to get that ham good and close in the grooves of the face overlapping the ham slightly to make sure that you have full coverage. Once that is done, you can fill the face with your favorite cheese ball recipe. (Ive left mine below if you are needing one.) Once the face is full, cover it with more saran wrap and

Double Cheeseburger Sliders

T is the season of sliders, is it not? This one is a great one! Its cheesy goodness is great plus the cheese slices on the bottom layer keeps the bread of getting soggy. (mostly) What is you favorite slider?      

Dog Food Dip (trust me this one is awesome!)

  Hi! This dip is a tried and true, loved by all, actually requested for birthdays, kinda dip! It isnt a looker but she is sooo GOOD. You must try her. Its warm cheesy slightly spicy bite is a pleaser! You are going to love this one. We love dipping tortilla chips in but a nice cracker would do well too. You could even use this as a burrito filling! Have a great day! Enjoy your kitchen!

Tiny Tortellini Stacks-A great Summer Appetizer!

Hi Friend! Are you in need for an appetizer that is easy and cool. Both cool and temp and cool in awesomeness!? These little fellas are your huckleberry!  Let me know if you try them!  We enjoyed them a bunch!  


  Years and years ago, my sweet husband and I ate an appetizer at All Of Garden (get it? HAHA!!) It was so good we knew we needed to find a way to have it at home. Much less expensive and easier to get to. This is our best efforts on bruchetta. We now eat it more like a meal over sour dough toast. Sometimes when we are especially fancy we will rub the buttered toast with a little garlic clove but usually we just toast up sour dough and top with this delicious concoction. Right now is the best time of year to get ahold of the most delicious tomatoes straight from the garden but its pretty colors make a great christmas dish too. We've also been know to just eat this out of a bowl like a salad sometimes. Especially if carbs are a concern. Give this one a try! Have you ever tried to make a restaurant recipe at home? Comment and tell me all about it! 

Hot Spinach, Artichoke and Chile Dip

This was truly divine! (and can be lightened up very easily by your choice of cream cheese and trading mayo for Greek yogurt or Fat free sour cream) Even our 5 year old, spice hating, uber picky princess loved it!!  It is originally found at  and this picture belongs to allrecipes. (sorry we ate it way to fast to get a picture) You can go to the original recipe HERE  (MY NOTES* the chokes we used were just in water because we tend to not like the marinated and had to use powdered cheese because it is what we had on hand.  I am sure it would have been better with fresh Parm if it is even possible to get better LOL! Oh and I just threw the whole chokes in the mixer and it chopped them just fine) .  Hot Spinach, Artichoke and Chile Dip 2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1 (4.5 ounce) can chopped green chiles, drained 1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese 1 (12 ounce) jar marinated artichoke hearts, drained and chopped 1/4 cup can

Bacon Blue Dip-A delicious Dip/Baked Potato Topping

My hubby and I really enjoy good food! I don't know if I would go as far as calling us "Foody's" but we love to eat and cook deliciousness!! (I love the together time too!! *wink wink* Knudge Knudge*) We frequent TGI Fridays a lot (partially because we love their get more stripes program! For every 100 dollars we spend we get a $8 dollar off coupon in our email!!!) but we like to food too! Here is our version of one of the dips they serve with the fries plate.  YUMMY!! BACON BLUE DIP or Baked Potato Topping 1 16oz container of sour cream (we used Fat Free) 1 C Crumbled Blue Cheese 1 2oz bag of real bacon bits (must be real! because it tastes better!) 6 green onions sliced Combine and let flavors meld. Dip with steak fries! Would also make a great baked potato topping! YUM-O!!! PS need help finding a TGI Fridays near you? Click here! PSS no I am not getting paid to push Fridays....We just love the place! Sister Sister Sunday