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Our Families Actual Menu Nov 2023

Hey there! How are you? Thanks for stopping by! Here is our menu for the next little while. We had a really great Halloween and are looking forward to a beautiful Thanksgiving coming up soon! What are your Thanksgiving plans? Comment below!  Have a great weekend and  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN!!  Loves! LUNCHES Mac and cheese cups Mandarin oranges and cottage cheese Cheesy chips Frozen pizzas Crab and cocktail sauce with crackers Bagels and cream cheese w ham Chicken salad sandwiches and chips Grilled cheese sandwiches and soup PB and J and chips Freezer finds Frito pie Tuna dip and crackers Leftovers Chicken nuggets and fries Soup and crackers DINNERS Wonton soup w wonton strips and poor mans cheese-bread OUT FHE SOUP BAR we bring zuppa toscana Leftovers Buffalo chicken tater tot casserole and a side salad SlowCooker Trader Joes Yellow Curry Chicken over coconut rice Smoked sausage and boursin cheese pasta and brazilian cheese bread Melt in you mouth crock pot ro

Our Real Menu For Our Real Family Nov 11-20th 2022

  Hello!  This is our menu for the next few days for your viewing pleasure. I hope it might spark some great ideas for your own family. Please feel free to ask about recipes in the comments of anything your are interested in. Have a great weekend and enjoy your kitchen!  Friday 11 lunch-leftovers dinner-enchilada rice for the kids, date for mom and dad Saturday 12 lunch-soup and toast dinner-Original Mac and cheese and broccoli craisin salad Sunday 13 lunch-tuna dip and crackers dinner-tater tot enchilada bake, chips and salsa and caramel puff corn Monday 14 lunch-chicken salad sandwiches and stuffed celery dinner-sesame chicken, fried rice w stir fry veggies Tuesday 15 lunch-hot dogs and chips and bananas dinner-baked tilapia,skillet potatoes, and three bean salad Wednesday 16 lunch-freezer find dinner-Korean Beef zucchini zoodles and butter swim bread sticks Thursday 17 lunch-Frito pie dinner-Greek Cabbage Casserole and hot bread Friday 18 lunch-leftovers dinner-frozen pizza f