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Chicken Zucchini Stuffing Bake

This easy chicken zucchini casserole is the perfect dish for using up your summer harvest. It's a simple, yet flavorful dish that features tender chicken, fresh zucchini, bacon and stuffing and cheese with a creamy sauce. We love to make and eat this delicious dish and think you will too! 

Hoppin' John a Good Luck Family Tradition

This tradition comes directly from my Angel Mother. Her parents are from the South where Hoppin' John was developed I believe. It is said that the peas represent coins but honestly I have not a clue why its lucky or why it has this title but only that we eat it and love it! Its a great way to use your leftover Christmas ham and who doesn't want to go into the new year with some luck? We always ate Hoppin' John on new years day. I love it! After being married to my dear husband we have combine our two families new years food traditions and eat Hoppin' John and handmade tamales. Although this combo isnt typical we have done it for so long that to me it very much goes together, just like me and my sweetheart do. What are your new years traditions? Do you eat the same every year or shake it up?  

Ugly Rice! So Delish! Less than $20 and feeds 12-14 people per pan!

 Hey there! So, this rice though. She is no looker, but she is so so good! Dont let the plainless of this comfort food dish fool you. If you need a feel good food, this is your huckleberry! Its is amazing! It might look like something the lunch lady would flop down on a tray but oh my. Its ricy goodness is worth trying! It is one of those casseroles that is even better the next day and it feeds a bunch too! Dont sleep on this one or let it pass you by. You must make it! ALSO It is less than 20 dollars for the entire recipe which feeds 12-14 people. Win Win in my book!

Navajo Tacos

My family really loves Navajo Tacos! Some of the children have asked for this for their birthday dinners. Is a Navajo Taco an actual taco. No I don't think it is. A Navajo Taco is actually Indian fry bread topped with Chili and toppings typical of a taco like shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese. sour cream. olives and guacamole. You can use your favorite homemade chili or canned chili. Whichever you prefer. (Be watching for my quick and easy chili recipe coming soon!)