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Our Menu Dec 2023

Hey there! Welcome! Here is our families menu for the next bit. I hope you enjoy it and use it as inspiration to remember your favorite foods for the holidays coming soon! Please reach out in the comments if you have questions or need recipes. Have a great day! ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN!!   BREAKFASTS Toaster strudel  Tater tot breakfast casserole LUNCHES Mac and cheese cups Frito pie Cheesy chips Chicken salad sandwiches and chips Leftovers Grilled cheese sandwiches and chips Freezer finds Soup and crackers Tuna dip and crackers OUT Hot pockets Bagels with cream cheese and sliced ham DINNERS Hearty chicken noodle soup and hot rolls OUT Bethlehem dinner  No peak pork tips with mashed potatoes and veggies Broccoli Beef and fried rice Chili Verde with chili cheese cornbread Ugly rice and veggies CHRISTMAS PARTY Pineapple casserole, monster cookies, Creamy broccoli bake Surf and turf, rice pilaf and asparagus Leftovers Orange chicken and fried rice Slow cooker whole chicken, stuffing and veggies