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Open Faced Meatball Subs-A semi-homemade dinner idea

Hi! I came accoss this recipe on TikTok and knew it was going to be a winner! It is quick, easy, tasty and satisfing! My family loves it and I will definitely be making it again! Let me know if you make it! Also, What are your most favorite quick easy dinner ideas! I would love to hear!

Our Families Actual Menu October 2023

Hey There!  Here is our Menu for the next little bit.  We have Halloween coming up! SQWEE!! If there are any recipes you are interested in reach out in the comments and I will get them to you ASAP. I hope you have a great weekend!  Lots of love!  ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN! LUNCHES Leftovers Mac and cheese cups Tuna dip and crackers Frozen pizzas Mandarin oranges over cottage cheese and muffins Peanut butter and banana sandwiches and chips Hoagies and chips PB and J and baby carrots Cheesy chips and salsa Cheese toast and fruit Grilled cheese and soup Fried egg sandwiches and chips DINNERS Cheeseburger soup and homemade garlic bread OUT Leftovers Chicken Chimichangas, chips and homemade salsa Roasted chicken breast, dumpling stuffing and veggies Fish fry, bombay potatoes and veggies Wonton soup with wonton strips and poor-mans cheese bread Chicken teriyaki bowls NACHO, TACO, BURRITO BAR (Halloween!!) DESSERTS Pumpkin bars Lemon velvet cream cake Caramel apple pie cheesecake cobbler EASY KID DI

Shindig Dip

 Y'all this dip has been traveling around TikTok on my for you pages a bunch of times and now that I finally made it, its become a favorite in my house! It is quick and easy and SO very tasty! This would be fantastic for your holiday gatherings and parties! Please try this one! Also if you do let me know what you think! What parties do you get to go to during the holidays? Do you host? Lets talk in the comments! 

No bake-Quick and Easy Caramel Crunch Delights

These most delicious little bars are flat out addictive! The salty from the crackers with the tasty smooth carmel and then the chocolate peanut butter topping. Oh, it is a dangerous mix that will have you unable to resist these little sweeties. Perhaps you can add them to your cookie plates for you neighbors to avoid eating them all. Although I couldnt say I blamed you if you did. PS they are super easy to boot so this one is WIN WIN!! Give it a try and come back to tell me you did! are welcome!!  

A real Menu for My Real Family October 2023

 Hello there! Here is our families real menu for the next bit. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your kitchen!  I know I will! LUNCHES Freezer finds Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup Mac and cheese Cups Leftovers PB and J and Baby Carrots Tuna dip and crackers Fried egg sandwiches and veggies PB and J and bananas Egg salad sandwiches and chips Hoagies, chips and fruit Cheesy chips Soup and toast DINNERS   French bread pizza and spinach artichoke bread and salad OUT Olive Garden Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Copy Cat with homemade garlic bread and olive garden salad Leftovers Sour cream enchiladas and chips and homemade salsa Swedish meatballs over mashed potatoes with lingonberry jam and veggies Soft tacos and all the fix-in's and homemade salsa and chips D og food dip and tortilla chips and veggies Cheeseburger soup and homemade garlic bread DESSERTS  Lemon ice box pie Scotcharoos EASY KID DINNERS Fancy Pizza rolls  Freezer finds  Loaded fries

Soft and Tender Corn Bread. This one is not dry!

This soft, and fluffy Jiffy Mix cornbread is the perfect side for any dinner. With just a few simple ingredients, it takes just minutes to make and everyone will love it! It's the perfect blend of sweet and savory, and it's sure to become a staple in your home. Serve it warm and add a bit of butter, honey or herbs for extra flavor. Enjoy this delicious cornbread!  

Nana's Carbonara

  Friends this recipe is one of my most favorite foods. It is one of those to taste and to sight recipes that is more a guideline than a true recipe and I hope I have explained it well on the recipe card. Carbonara is a dish my mom would make and I made for my children. I LOVE it. It is sentimental and wonderfully reminds me of my sweet beautiful mom and everything good about her! When I need to feel her close I can make this and remember her easier. She was a brillant cook! She did it all and all very well when it came to food! Carbonara is also one that is hard to photograph because its mostly white but I hope you will give this a try anyway. I think you will love it! Have a great day!