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If you love aprons you will love this Poem!!!

I gave an apron and this SO cute poem to 3 very special ladies last year for Christmas. Aprons are so so popular this year it seems.  Now it can be that much more fun!! The Apron Poem When I used to visit Grandma. I was very much impressed, By her all-purpose apron, And the power it possessed. She used it for a basket, When she gathered up the eggs, And flapped it as a weapon, When hens pecked her feet and legs. She used it for a hot pad, To remove a steaming pan, And when her brow was heated, She used it for a fan. It dried our childish tears, When we'd scrape a knee and cry, And made a hiding place When the little ones were shy. Farm produce took in season, In the summer, spring and fall, Found its way into the kitchen From Grandma's carry all. PS I picked this poem off a forum many years ago.  IF you are the author or know who the author is please please let me know.  I am more than happy to give credit where credit is due. loves to all!!! Emily

Festive Bandana Picnic Table Cloth

I love my new picnic table cloth!! Isn't it cute? All I did was sew 16 bandannas together like my mama did a few years ago.  It will be so fun to have for the 4th!! PS don't be fooled by the wrinkles...with a little manipulation it came together nice and straight despite the fact that the bandannas are officially not cut perfectly square.  Loves to all!! Be sure to visit all the great blogs I have linked to!! They are the best! Check it out!! Click on the button!! "  

Jean Apron Tutorial-Fun and Frugal! You can't beat that with a stick!!

I came across this way cute idea at Taffy Talk ! I thought, hey I have a million billion (ok maybe only 5 or 10 but a million billion sounds so much better right?) pairs of jeans laying around waiting to be turned into something wonderful and/or fun so this made perfect sense for me. Especially since I am obsessed  with aprons currently! Go check out her tutorial here!!   I had a blast making this little number although I should have thought better of using a stretch denim. (it got a little misshaped along the hem) I plan on making more! Thank you Taffy Talk!! You ROCK!!