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Gyro Burgers

  Hey there! I dont know about you but I absolutely love Greek food! I could eat a gyro and lemon rice every day! The flavors are fantastic! This burger is no acception! It has all the amazing flavor of a gyro and less than half the labor! Win Win! 

Double Cheeseburger Sliders

T is the season of sliders, is it not? This one is a great one! Its cheesy goodness is great plus the cheese slices on the bottom layer keeps the bread of getting soggy. (mostly) What is you favorite slider?      

Dog Food Dip (trust me this one is awesome!)

  Hi! This dip is a tried and true, loved by all, actually requested for birthdays, kinda dip! It isnt a looker but she is sooo GOOD. You must try her. Its warm cheesy slightly spicy bite is a pleaser! You are going to love this one. We love dipping tortilla chips in but a nice cracker would do well too. You could even use this as a burrito filling! Have a great day! Enjoy your kitchen!

Hearty Mac and Cheese Only $10.24 for the whole pan!

 Hi! This Hearty Mac and Cheese Recipe is easy and frugal AND the kids love it! We all know adding bacon makes everything better! Give this one an try and let me know what you think!

Most Popular Post of May 2022

Hey There! This was my readers Most viewed Post of May 2022!  I can understand why!  I love it too! Good Ol' Hamburger Vegetable Soup!  My dear Grandma used to make a soup very similar for us when I was a child growing up. This soup has all the feels for me. The warm tomato broth and simple carrots and potatoes. Ohhh... SO lovely and comforting! It is an inexpensive one too at only $7.74 for the entire pot! It serves 8 so that is less than a dollar per serving! You and I both know that is becoming more important as grocery costs contiune to become more expensive every day. Also it is very customizable. If you have some veggies you need to use or that were on sale. Throw them in! Do you have a recipe that takes you back or is sentimental? Let me know! Lets talk recipes!  Enjoy your kitchen!