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Last Minute Halloween Treat Idea!

Hey Friend!  Are you looking for a quick easy Halloween Treat? Here you go! Just grab your favorite Donuts some candy eyes and some Dracula fangs. Add the fangs and the eyes and you will thrill your  receiver ! Can't find candy eyes?? You can also just add a couple of frosting eyes or leave the eyes out. More spooky right?? A little tip..this year the fangs didn't seem to want to stay put and kept popping out so I just snipped them into two pieces and  wallah ! Quick, Easy, Festive! Win Win! What do you do to celebrate? Do you love Halloween? Id love to hear in the comments below!  Have a great day!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!  

Creepy Mr Meaty, Cheese Ball-Pefect for you Halloween Dinners!

Is this guy Not the Creepiest?!  I just love him!  My sweetheart, Jason, is a lover of all things Halloween and this is his creation. He is amazing in every way and especially creative when it come to halloween! Mr Meaty here is perfect for your Halloween dinner and so easy to make. You are going to want to make this for your crowd! You will need a face mask.  He used a clear one, but really any face shaped vessel will do. Although, it will be much easier if it is solid and not a soft and squishy latex mask. The picture below is what his basically looked like. You will take the face mask and line it with saran wrap. Then you will line the saran wrap with procuitto ham, being sure to get that ham good and close in the grooves of the face overlapping the ham slightly to make sure that you have full coverage. Once that is done, you can fill the face with your favorite cheese ball recipe. (Ive left mine below if you are needing one.) Once the face is full, cover it with more saran wrap and