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Our Real Menu June 2023

    Hey There! Here is our next menu. We are very happy that summer has finally arrived! We got some fun summer plans we are looking forward to! How about you? If you are interested in any of these recipes please reach out in the comments! Have a great weekend and enjoy your kitchen! LUNCHES 1. soup, ramen, ravioli 2. sandwiches and chips 3. freezer finds 4. macaroni and cheese 5. tuna dip and crackers 6. chicken salad 7. salads DINNERS 1. Slow cooker Low Country Boil 2. Peruvian Chicken and Potatoes with Salad 3. Not Your Average Sloppy Joes, french fries and corn on the cob 4. Breakfast burritos and fruit 5. Hawaiian haystacks 6. Slow cooker 7 can soup (add burger) with tortilla chips and cheese and corn bread 7. Tator Tot Casserole BIG FHE 1. Sandwich Bar-we bring sandwich toppings and salads EASY KID DINNERS 1. loaded fries DESSERTS 1. Mississippi Mud Brownies 2. Butterscotch Pie