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Our Actual Menu March 2024

Hello friend! This is our coming up menu. I am excited for St Patricks Day and Pie Night! Do you celebrate either? What does your family do? Have a great weekend and ENJOY YOUR KITCHEN! ! DINNER Simple BBQ ribs, strawberry cheesecake salad and loaded faux potato salad Smothered chicken, Lipton potatoes and steamed broccoli French toast, bacon and eggs  Nanas Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and veggies Leftovers Italian nachos Pizza with pizza salad Sour cream enchiladas and salad Corned beef, stir fried cabbage and roasted lil potatoes and glazed carrots Chicken pot pie and fruit Ugly rice , veggies and butter brickle Sheet pan quesadillas with chips and salsa EASY KID DINNERS Hearty Bean Dip and Chips Loaded Fries with Chicken DESSERTS Orange Julius Texas trash pie Butter brickle Cherry pie bubble up Lucky charm bars