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Italian Nachos

My sweetheart and I would order this from Johnny Carino's. He was first and as soon as I tried it I had a hard time ordering anything but this. Although, I really loved their lasagna, oh, and their chicken parmesan sandwiches AND their wedge salad...OK I loved Johnny's! I was very sad when they closed in our area. Luckily for us we knew that dish by heart and have been able make it at home. I think you will love it! If you could bring back one restaurant from your past which one would it be?

Cheater Chicken Pot Pie-A Quick and Easy Dinner Hack

 Hello!  This recipe is so easy and so tasty! If you need a quick easy way to get dinner on the table here you go! I think you could probably use any soup you like, especially if it a more chunky style. Its hardly a recipe really but I hope you'll love it! You just add precooked chicken and chopped precooked bacon to your soup and add a  crescent  roll crust. Easy Peasy! Dinner is ready! 

Cheesy Lil Smokies Pasta

This quick easy pasta dish will delight your people with the delicious Boursin cheese! We love the smokies around here so I always double the amount called for in the recipe but I am sure it would be just a good as written. Give this easy one a try soon! You'll be glad you did!