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Copycat Ruth's Chris Sweet Potato Casserole

Hey There!  I have some explaining to do.  I have had a tried and true sweet potato recipe that I have used  religiously  for years and years. People have asked me for the recipe multiple times and some of my kids still swear by this original recipe which involved the  traditional  marshmallows and caramel etc. It is good. Very good. Don't misunderstand, but when this new recipe came into my life I was instantly converted to it. I don't know if I have just grown up some and don't need the "candy" aspect of the caramely marshmallowy OG, or if this one just really suits my fancy more, but I LOVE the Ruth's Chris sweet potato recipe! I haven't had the  privilege  of going to Ruth's Chris steak house yet (although I would love to someday) so I am taking other peoples word for it as to how close it is to the true Ruth Chris sweet potatoes. If it is as close as they say, I will be ordering it when I can go. It is awesome! The only way I can imagine it any be

Copycat Portillos Salad

Hello Dear Reader! Today is a Copycat Portillos Chopped Salad. This one is fantastic! With  the bacon and the Chicken and Pasta with those little nips of gorganzola you are going to love this hearty entree salad! Give it a try today!   

Instant Pot Egg Bites- A Low Carb Starbucks Copy Cat Recipe

Awh Egg Bites! These babies are so good and carry no guilt with them! This is a close match to Star Bucks Delicious Egg Bites. I love everything smoked so this one really appeals to me. You get not only smokey bacon but I add smoked Gouda also. Smoke on smoke is my jam! AND they are low carb! Something, unfortunately, I have to pay attention to anymore. Give this one and try and tag me in it! I think you will love it! Do you use an instant pot? Comment below.