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Delicious Fruit Salad

 Hi! This one is a winner! Its kinda like if a jello salad and a fruit salad had a baby and made this beautiful queen salad! It is easy and delish! My beautiful daughter Lindsay pointed me in this salads direction and she was right! This one is SO good! Its got oranges and pineapple with strawberries and bananas mixed together with a pie filling and jello too! YUM-O!! It would be a great winter dish when fruit is more expensive but it shouldnt be saved for winter though.  Its great year round. 

Snickers Salad

Ok so this "salad" isnt exactly a healthy salad. I mean, I am not even sure its a salad at all, but what I  do know it is amazingly delicious! Its is loaded with apples and grapes and also little morsels of snickers candy bar! Yummy! It has the essence of a caramel apple to me. SO GOOD! Make this one!  It is a crowd pleaser!    

Bacon Ranch Potato Salad

  Hello Friends! This is my Bacon Ranch Potato Salad. It is so good! I have two potato salad recipes I really enjoy and this is one of them. Its got bacon and onion and ranch! Some could say its crack potato salad after all. HAHA! If you added cheese it definitely would be. This salad goes perfect with BBQs and picnics that are surely coming up for you and me both. I most recently served it with Bacon Cheeseburgers we cooked on our grill. YUM! Do you have a favorite BBQ side dish? What is it? Leave me a comment and let me know!